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7/10/2005 7:42 pm

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the designer bug

Today, the designer bug bit me again. I went out slightly before evening time, stepped in the boutique. Approching the perfume counter, I saw a beautiful hazel-eyed slightly light-skinned black girl at the counter. Perhaps she was of Jamaican descent. She was so eager to satisfy my visit, so articulate, and knowledgeable in the products she was representing that after spending a good 30 minutes with her I bought a Marc Jacobs "Men" perfume.

After I left there, I went to another boutique where I encountered a sleek, slightly unshaven dark guy with whom I chatted for my need to buy a unpleated business pants of nontexturized fabric. I hadn't planned on buying more than one pants, naturally, I came out with a ocean gray Perry Ellis, one charcoal black Calvin Klein, and on top of that I bought a loose fit rugged blue stone washed Ralph Lauren jeans.

After I left there, I went to yet another boutique as I felt I needed leather belts to go with my pants. Spending sometime in the boutique, not wanting assistance this time, I settled for a cherry black Perry Ellis and a chocolate brown Liz Claiborne.

It was getting dark when I left the mind-jolting spree to splurge, and went to Starbucks Cafe and enjoyed an iced latte while reading Richard Branson's autobiography. I also pondered over my shopping experience.

Though I still need a pair of cherry black Kenneth Cole business shoes, the best part of it all was the time I had spent with the Jamaican girl. Her persona and aura is ingrained in my mind, deeply. What a sensual beauty she was.

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