reacting and assimilating  

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6/27/2005 8:17 pm

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reacting and assimilating

Reacting and assimilating. We are conditioned to go 'out there' in the midst of society and learn. But the truth is that there is more than this going on. We are being assimilated within the system without alot of times realizing it. There is such a zealous proclivity within our consciousness to become that which we set out to observe. I have never gotten used to this idea. Always I had been questioning, fighting, rebelling all that I could not understand or that which seemed anti-me, anti-nature, anti-logic; everything that was a blind do-it-for-itself or do-it-because-it-is-better-for-the-society fiesta. And at this point I became a runner; running from the sophist preacher world, taking refuge under the tree of inner solace, isolated myself from the 'outside' and sometimes from my own self that which in some way reflected what I was running from.

But the opposite I needed from existence of this world of free spirits. I also needed to find myself, and be it. And I can only be me to assimilate with what is a part of me. There has been this energy within me to see myself in my world. Natural crude and unspoiled beaches are a part of me. Mountainous forests with rivers flowing from within them are a part of me. Mauve skies just at the height of an onsetting twilight are a part of me. The journey to my office by bus 518 meandering countless times through neat highways, under orderly bridges, underneath semi-graying skies during rain, turning into Orchard Road by Scotts Road is a part of me. But most importantly, most importantly, a part of me are people that see my world through a worm hole in their consciousnesses; they step into it as free souls sometimes as free spirited wild stallions and sometimes as reclusive meditating hermets. And then when theirs and my path in our virgin universes coincide and collide, we become one without needing much introduction, without heeding to question the frail gestures that unite us and bind us, without wanting to, or desiring to, or even needing to be or not to be. But just be. It is a causal conundrum not requiring an elucidation into their benefits or harms; there are none. Causality is at best epiphanic as it exists and persists to elevate our self far beyond our comprehension of conceptual transcendence. All these people are a part of me, they are me, I, and I am them. And yet we are not a noospherical collective. We are equal tempered union of fragile sensibilities, tiny texturized bubbles of spontaneous dreams rising and descending sometimes within a vacuous expanse of an unpolluted unconsciousness. We are all one and near and yet separate and away; one yet many; similar and yet dissimilar. We are. One.

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