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SensualNWylde 49F
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3/8/2006 7:56 am
Mixed Topicz

Okay let'z try this in another colour and hopefully it'z not hard on the eyez or I'll have to give out with this blog. *S* If it iz I promise to go back to uzing blue.

Welcome back to hornyguitardad .... a friend of mine that I met on here that just got back from Iraq. I'm glad that he'z home safe and still hiz usual "horny" self *S*

Sometimez I don't think we give enuff appreciation to our men and women in uniform that are willing to serve our countriez. I personally admire and respect them for standing up for whut they personally believe in and for acting upon theze beliefs. It takez a lot to leave your familiez not knowing when you will see them again. TO Y'ALL THANK U !! and that goez for ALL and NOT just for my fellow Canadianz *S*

~ Well, I also like them men in uniform for other reasonz ~

Well, *sighz* , the apartment hunting goez on. The rent pricez here for one bedroomz and/or even bachelorz are pretty outrageous even for a small town like ourz. Then u get the onez that sound perfect until you see "Non - smoking". That I could live w/ .... smoking outside iz no biggie 4 me since I've done it lotz of timez .... call it a "respect" thang. Then sum of them u will also see "No Petz". When I'm in the smartass mode or just erm not very sober *S* I am tempted 2 call them and ask if that includez no petz of the two legged male kind LMAO Erm sumhow I don't think that will help my cause of finding a place but it would be great to have a landlord/lady who at LEAST haz a sense of humour yanno *nodding*

My town iz very narrow minded about peepz on Social Assistance and it'z infuriating. The general population haz this ideal mind set .... that peepz are too lazy to work, they're all alcoholicz, etc. I know .... I had to rely on it be4 I found work and I wuz looked down on for it .... when u tell a prospective landlord that yer on SA they look down their noze @ u .... when employerz found out that you were on it you can almost guarantee your resume iz gonna be filed under "G" az soon az yer out the door .... and one thing I DESPISE iz narrow minded prejudiced people.

Seriously, I don't care whut anyone sayz NO one iz better than anyone else. I have alwayz taught my brat "We are all the same inside." Then I would grin at him and say, "You can't be prejudiced. You're a third Scottish, a third Irish and half Native and they are all heritagez to be proud of." I firmly believe that we should all be proud of our heritagez and ancestorz. Myself, I am very proud to be a full blooded Native and, yes, I have experienced prejudism becauze of it but I wouldn't change it for anything in this world. In the infamous wordz of Popeye "I yam whut I yam."

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