General Observationz .....  

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2/11/2006 7:59 am

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General Observationz .....

*G* woohoo I'm blue again and not just a flat black.

I just finished reading one of my sis'z blogz about all the liez that sumtimez goez on in the chat roomz. It also tickz me off that sum think that thiz iz just "chat" and not real but az she stated "There IZ a person w/ real feelingz behind every keyboard." I personally hold w/ being the same offline az I am on. That way there are no misconceptionz if we agree 2 meet. My philosophy iz and alwayz haz been "If we don't click you can never have 2 many friendz"

The other day sum peepz and I got in2 a discussion about who getz burnt more from this site the guyz or the gurlz. Personally I know from talking to my guy friendz and my gurl friendz that it happenz equally. UNFORTUNATELY az in real life it happenz. But whut about theze peepz that come in2 the chatroomz ruining everyone'z good time with all the DRAMA? I do realize that sumtimez emotionz take over common sense but u gotta remember that not EVERYONE wantz 2 know yer business. Especially if your friendz w/ one it just makez it even harder to watch the postingz flying by.

And whut iz UP w/ the onez that come in w/ their "Poor lil me I'm leaving cuz no one will talk 2 me" attitude. Well sum of us DO try and make all the newbiez feel welcome and say "hi" but after that it iz also up 2 u 2 try and carry on a conversation and NOT just start inviting the peepz in2 your Network right off the bat. Sum of us actually are very choosy who we let in and 4 good reasonz. Believe it or not there are "cyber" stalkerz out there BOTH male and female.

And for Pete'z sakez *LOL* why do sum ask u whut SEX u are? FFS *S* it'z right there beside their handle 99% of the time. Personally my response iz "Even though the (F) beside my handle standz for (F)uckable it also standz for (F)emale" Sorry that'z just my smartass side coming outta me.

Sorry if any of this haz offended u but it iz MY blog

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