Everyone'z Fave Thing 2 Bitch About ... Besidez Their Spouse *L*  

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Everyone'z Fave Thing 2 Bitch About ... Besidez Their Spouse *L*

Okay let'z see if them Xtra Message commandz work. I mean, why whould I want to type in black when most everyone else doez? *G* Have alwayz preferred to be my very own unique self UNLIKE anyone you have ever met or experienced.

It'z like @ my job .... and 4 thoze of u who are wondering whut I do I am a cx service rep. I work in our local Bingo Hall selling ticketz to the lotteriez we have in Canada and also the Instant Scratch ticketz. SO where I am employed am made 2 dress like everyone else in "quoting" black dress pantz, a green shirt w/ the company logo on it, black or white sox ~ in fact just last night I told one of my co-workerz that I am surprised that they don't lift our pant legz for sock inspection ~ shoez that MUST be black and if you have hair that iz 2 your shoulderz {{ and my hangz almost 2 my waist }} even if you wear a company baseball hat you MUST have it tied back. W/out trying to sound conceited, I don't look all that bad in the uniform but OMG I look like everyone else.QUELLE HORREUR !! OH ~ grinz ~ to my French speaking friendz if I misspeeled that plz 4give me. Az u can tell I didn't pass French since my teacherz were all female and sumhow letting them look down my shirt 2 pass didn't seem to be appropriate considering ONE of them wuz my aunt LMAO ~

So, there I am .... standing in the Lottery Booth dressed like all my co - workerz but trust me sum of my co-workerz look SO hot in their uniformz but *weg * that'z 4 another time. I stand there and I would never have guessed that sum elder peepz can be so dammed RUDE !! Trust me they may look cute n all but one old gent told me "I don't have 2 say pleaze and thank u .... I'm a paying customer" then proceeded 2 make a derogatory comment about women. *WEFG* and for this my friendz that truly know me and my "don't take shit from ANYONE" attitude will be amazed at my "customer service skillz" LOL. I looked @ him and very calmly told him "Carl, u are lucky I am working and in uniform right now and working or u would NOT like my response to that comment BUT if I were u I would move over there right now " and this wuz said w/ the sweetest smile I could muster. LMAO. Last night I actually had sum young gurl tell me "You need to work on your customer service skillz" and I just grinned and said "Yep". The look on her face wuz SO worth it but I wuz just finishing up a double shift and just saying "yep" wuz another major good thing on MY part *L*

Let'z put it this way .... one day I went in2 the back room and wuz waiting 4 my manager to double check my figurez ~ since I am licensed with the Ontario Gaming Commission whutever I'm short comez off my paycheque ~ and I said "There'z already sumbody there waiting 4 me" and she sayz,"Oh tell them 2 go fuck themselvez .... they can wait." I replied,"Don't tempt me" and she startz LAFFING n sayz,"Oh, I 4got who I wuz talking 2" So even after working there 4 only six monthz needless 2 say my managerz know me quite well .... ONE of them iz my best friend for at LEAST six yearz or so.

Next we come to my "favourite" type of customer *G* the onez who tell me how 2 do my job and how 2 count or just major busybodiez w/ other peepz. So this one regular, Joan, one day walkz away looking at the change I had just handed her *~* btw I make it a point to HAND them their ticketz and change instead of just laying it on the counter I HATE peepz that do that !!*~* and you can see the hamster just TURNING that wheel and she lookz me all surprized and haz the nerve 2 say "Oh, you're RIGHT!!" I grinned @ her and said,"OH MY GOD!! I DO know how 2 count maybe they HIRED me 4 a reason. Do ya THUNK?!?" Another time she sayz 2 the manager on duty "I'm gonna call her Crusty" and I said very softly.... "I wouldn't advise you 2 do that" and then just LOOKED at her and for sum reason she didn't stick around. LMAO

So while theze peepz are getting their bingo fix ~ and TRUST me I'm gonna seduce half them old men I mean they must have money stuffed in their mattressez the way they SPEND ~ I walk in and around the tablez and I've been called " Pssst !! " , "excuze me" and "Oh, yer not the coffee gurl" among many thingz.*L* 4 the coffeegurl comment I'll laff and tell them ,"Oh my GOD thank you 4 reminding me I'm not the coffee gurl I wouldn't want 2 be doing the wrong job" *L* I have had peepz whistle at me and one day I said to Carl * yes him again * "Don't whistle at me I am NOT a dog" and he sayz "I'm not whistling AT you I'm whistling FOR u" and I'm like "Whut the HELL iz the difference?" Kevin tried 2 explain it'z a guy thing but do NOT even go there.

BUT ~ lmao ~ my favourite time wuz this lady that, everytime I went by she'd say "YO!!" After putting up with this for three timez, I stopped, placed one hand on my hip, snapped my fingerz and did the "gurlfriend" head snap and said "YO?!? Whut'z up with this YO thang ?" and she got embarrassed and sayz,"Well, I don't know your name." I leaned my handz on the table and said VERY sweetly, "TRY asking and btw we wear name tagz NOT only 2 remind of us of WHO we are at the end of our shiftz because customerz drive us crazy we ALSO wear them FOR A REAZON" Erm needless 2 say she knowz my name now *ROFL*

Well, again the title of this blog iz "Fave Thing 2 Bitch About Besidez Our Spousez" and I think MOST of us need 2 vent about our jobz sumtimez.

HEHE * waving * later y'all

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