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2/28/2006 3:48 pm

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Drinking and Blogging ~ L ~

Don't worry eventually I promise to try out a new color ~ or colour az we spell it in the Canadian way. Have you ever noticed that we do spell sum of our wordz differently ? gray - grey .... color - colour .... there'z probably more but I don't remember them all at the moment *S*

I checked on my former post and it wuz denied . It didn't say specifically WHY but there it wuz at the bottom "This post haz been denied" I checked it over and don't see why since I have read sum on here that used even more foul language or whut have u than I did so I did change it but it still doesn't sound the same and/or effective but we'll see.

It'z the same when you really want to say "F*&k u" to sumone but u may be working or whut have u and have to settle with "Fluff u" or sumthing. *shakng my head* just ain't the same ring and/or satisfaction if ya ask me.

It'z like when I worked at a pizza call center. I wanted to phone sum of the ruder cx'z back and slam the phone down in their ear but all we had to disconnect wuz a simple button. Slamming that button didn't satisfy that urge I tell ya *LOL*

After all this time I had to throw a former friend into Iggy. Here he iz whining day in and day out about him being frauded but he refuzed to get a job unless it wuz one he wuz qualified for which wuz either in web site design or a DJ. Then he haz the nerve to complain that he doesn't have enuff money to pay for a lawyer, that he'z applied for "hundredz" of jobz n not gotten one reply. Well ffs *grinz* we all gotta do jobz we don't like or which iz not in our field to pay the billz, etc. I told him he wuz like a seagull .... if he wuzn't shitting he wuz squawking. OH not to mention he pulled "I'm leaving this site it'z not working for me. I haven't met anyone " Like DUH !! I wonder why .... IF I met him in person I'm pretty sure sumone would have to pull me offa him and my handz from around hiz neck .... lmao. If you don't like whut'z going on in yer life don't just sit there and whine about DO sumthing to change it ~ shrugz ~ seemz pretty simple to me. It'z not rocket science ffs.

All righty let'z see if this site haz straightened out yet off to the Lobby I go

~wavez~ and vanishez

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