Drinking and Blogging ~ Part 2  

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3/1/2006 4:33 pm

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Drinking and Blogging ~ Part 2

Well it'z not very often I get four dayz off in a row and I throughly intend to enjoy it

I wuz running through the Blogz and one came up that I don't understand either. Hmmm let'z see if I do this right [post 254093] about people'z turning their profilez off.

In a lot of instancez I can understand why. That person may have connected or found sumone but they still log on to talk to all their friendz. But this gurl makez sense .... whut iz the point of sending an e-mail if your profile iz turned off? How are u supposed to figure out if u may be compatible? Share any common interestz either sexually or friendship wize ?

And I still say that the one'z that have too many "Prefer Not to Say" on their profilez are hiding sumthing. My point of view iz that if u have that beside your marital status OBVIOUSLY you must be or why would u not post that u weren't?

I know a lot of marriedz on here get condemned or lectured when they go into a chat room but I have alwayz thought that whut peepz do iz their own business. I myself have been with a married man with the understanding he iz not trying to get out of hiz marriage ~ it'z that hiz wife doesn't do whut she used to what he liked like she did be4. So thiz iz why he comez to see me. Yes, they makez me az bad az him and I freely admit it but at least I don't lie or try to hide it. If it comez down to it breaking up hiz marriage he iz az much to blame az I am.

rm_ohsolustful 57M
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3/2/2006 11:39 am


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