A Day I Should Have Stayed in Bed *L*  

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2/15/2006 3:28 pm

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A Day I Should Have Stayed in Bed *L*

OMG have you ever had one of thoze dayz where you look up and just say "Why me?" ONE of thoze dayz where you think "Why the hell didn't I just stay in bed?" *L*

Well 2day wuz one of thoze 4 me and the scary part iz az I am writing this it'z only six o'clock ~ wonder if I should go 2 bed and hide under the blanketz since the day ain't over yet *LOL*

2 begin w/ I stopped in our local Tim Horton'z 2 grab my morning coffee be4 heading 4 work and I ended up missing the bus so had 2 take a taxi. The driver wuz the kind that kinda givez ya the creepz *L*

Then when I got 2 work the manager wuz one that iz still in training so I knew that I'd be going over my scheduled time that I do NOT get paid 4.

A buddy of mine informed me that our local busez might be going on strike az of 2morrow.

Then when I went 2 start, I found out the worker be4 me didn't restock az per usual so I had 2 do her work SHE should have finished be4 she left.

AZ I am getting thingz ready 2 open up my booth sum dumb cx asked me if I wuz selling yet WHILE she stood there watching me STILL organizing thingz.*DUH!!*

So I served her and looked over to see the guy that I have had the MAJOR hotz 4 iz standing there with a gurl and he'z rubbing her back and kinda cuddling her 2 hiz side.

Later on during the day this IGNORANTasshole had me gripping the edge of the counter and GROWLING Again I personally HATE when I'm in a store or sumplace where the person doezn't even look @ u and putz your change down on the counter. I like 2 put the change or my cx'z ticketz directly IN their hand to be a wee bit more personal. Well the aforementioned ASSHOLE askz for four dollarz worth of Nevada ticketz. I handed them TO him, held my hand out for the four buckz and he DELIBERATELY put it down on the counter.

I SWEAR that if ONEmore person askz me if I am closed while looking straight @ the closed sign I am just going to say, "Read it one syllable at a time and tell me whut YOU think !!"

I should have taken last night'z argument I had w/ sum stupid SICK bitch az a sign. ~~ Pardon my language but plz read on and u will see why ~~ I am ALL 4 free speech but this TWAT came in2 one of the chat roomz on here bragging that she wuz AND I QUOTE "TIGHTER THAN A 12 YEAR OLD" I'm sorry but there iz NO FUCKING WAY ANYONE should be saying that it'z just plain DISGUSTING so of course I told her off. When SHE and her male admirerz said it wuz just an expression I COMPLETELY lost it and told them ALL where they can go, HOW to get there and I sincerely hope the door SLAMZ into their fat assez on the way out among other thingz. **WEG**

I wuz surprized that I got an email from a buddy of mine in my network telling me that he "loves a woman who sticks to her guns and isnt afraid to say it never change"

So in case yer wondering , I replied asking why I would ever change and that I am honored to have friendz like him in my network.

*deep sigh* OH great ~lmao~ just heard on the newz that we're in a major stormwatch ..... predicting up to 30 cm of snow overnight

~~ Shading my eyez w/ my hand and looking around ~~ Okay where the hell IZ that superhero I ordered from eBay? He should have been here by now dammit !! ROFL Hell even if they sent me a knight in shining armour just TAKE me awaaaaaayyyyyyyy plzzzzzzzzz *LOL*

*S* and 2 thoze onez that are looking only for a one night stand I promise to respect u in the morning but ONLY if YOU promise to get up and make the coffee

"Keep smiling it makez people wonder whut yer up to"

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