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10/31/2005 11:41 pm

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A little about me

Hi everyone, I'd like to extend a warm welcome and hope by ways of reading this we become more aquainted.

I have many interests in life but one that I'm currently branching out in is my keen sensual side along with my great imagination. I've always fantasized about having another woman, touching her hair, caressing her body and fully loving her in a way a man can't seem to do.

As a young child of 8 I experienced alittle of that yet didn't have experience in knowing as to what I was doing, she also was very young. Yet through that experience I've often wondered at what it would be like to reach beyond the boundaries of limitations and sucessfully enjoy that pleasure.

Now at the age of 36 I'm very ready to do just that, but it seems not too many single women are around to have that pleasure. I won't give up and hope only with this entry I obtain this goal.

I also desire to meet up with another woman for the pleasures of writing a story about the encounter. It seems I can't fulfill the obligations that so many have requested cause I'm limited in my writings. It seems I can't write about it, or any other sexual encounter until I've had the pleasure of it happening.

I've currently written two short erotic stories and posted one for the pleasures of others to enjoy. It's acually taken from a true life encounter while in Las Vegas, Nevada. If you get the chance to read it I hope you enjoy, as being something I've done most have told me my writing comes to life for the reader and has even achived some to expell their much needed sexual frustrations on their lonely moments in life.

Take care and post again soon!!!

woodyinthepeg 56M

11/6/2005 4:47 am

Great story! I only wish I was the lucky one in the hot tub with you! Had to take a cold shower after reading this!

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