Some Open Marriage Thoughts  

Senseyoualize 52M
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5/15/2006 7:32 pm
Some Open Marriage Thoughts

I was emailing with a woman the other day who was intrigued by me and my wife's marriage design - and she noted that, even though she had been divorced a couple of times, she respected how my wife and I have found ways of staying together rather than ending everything in divorce.

This got me to thinking - and made me want to make it known that although my wife and I have chosen to do things a little differently than everyone else when it comes to our marriage, we don't for a moment think ourselves above anyone who chooses other routes with their marriage. We decided to stay together, even though we were no longer sexually attracted to each other, because we still had a lot going for us as a couple. Sure, we changed over the years, but we also maintained a lot of shared goals, and we still loved each other - so we didn't have any reason to end our marriage.

We don't for a moment stand on any kind of soapbox and say that everyone else should be this way. We believe that there are times when marriages really have met a dead-end and should end. Sometimes people change so much and the partners are so unhappy that the best option is to go separate ways.

I just felt the need to make it clear that we're not still together because we are campaigners for the institution of marriage. In fact, we are pretty much throwing rocks at what society considers a normal marriage, after all! We're still together only because we like to be together. Nothing more, nothing less. If that ever changes, I'm sure we'll just as logically smile and wish the other the best as we head our separate directions.

So I guess what we have left is really based a lot more on logic and a familial-love rather than romance and a passion-love. It works for us so far!

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