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7/18/2005 9:07 am

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As a guy who has never really had problems meeting women, I was stunned when I first found myself buying flowers, jewelry, trinkets, cards, and souvenirs from everywhere, just to get/keep the attention of a prospective mate. Later in life, it turned into cars, houses, etc., for which I will never forgive myself. Since then I've learned that I respect women who are independent, choose to provide for themselves, and don't "expect" niceties for the purpose of providing sexual favors. In these cases, I've found myself inclined to be generous just to be nice, with no agenda, which has proved infinitely more productive, less painful, and solidly less expensive. Beware the line, "If you buy me that, then ..." (Whatever comes next will ultimately make you insane with lust). As a writer, musician, and general entertainment guy, I've encountered all types, but most of the truly "hot" women, know they're hot. They expect to be treated exceptionally, and most guys would love to able to do that, but reality dictates that they can't.

Let me qualify, I grew up in the Northern suburbs of Chicago, where spoiled women run rampant, and expectations ran/run exceedingly high. Nordstrom's credit cards are a mandate. Often, in order to date someone, you'd need to provide your history, health records, and credit score. Having a platinum or titanium card was helpful, too. Now, in order to get them to put out, you'd typically have to do something ridiculous. I have stories of a friend who built a house for a woman who still didn't score. I once took a woman to Hawaii, (from Virginia), and the closest I got was sitting next to her at a freaking luau. We actually ended up sleeping in the outer and inner rooms of the suite! The funny thing is, when the woman gets horny, "no" is never an acceptable answer. The guy must get what he can when she decides he is deserving, lest more millennia pass with no sensuous encounters.

So the history goes. I'm sure that every one of you guys checking this out has some outrageous, if not pathetic, memory of an experience wherein you felt used, abused, neglected, and ignored, after putting your (poor and fragile) heart on the line to impress some babe (wench?) who totally wasn't worth the effort in the long run. Gals, I know you've probably got a million stories of which hoops you've made the boys jump through to get into your shorts.

This blog is for you. Share it here. Tell us the story, because we can all relate. No judgment for those idiotic, foolish, and downright stupid tasks here. Actually, we enjoy them! Tell us about the gauntlet that you ran in pursuit of stinky fingers, only to get them cut off at the elbow. Heartbreak Hotel is open, and we're looking for your tales of grandiose attempt. Nothing is too big or little, as far as the thought goes. (I have this feeling that this blog is going to be a huge collection of extremely sad stories after a while). But hopefully, as we commiserate, and learn from each other, we'll grow, too. We'll come to appreciate that, no matter what, we are all good (hearted) people, well-intentioned, and maybe just a little stronger for having been here. That is my goal. Welcome.

Fitasfook 46M

7/19/2005 8:57 am

Having read that, my first thought was 'thank god I grew up in a small working class town in the north of England', but then I realised that it doesn't really matter how much or little you have when we're talking about getting financially 'stung' just for a shag. Luckily for me I've never experienced that myself, but I've seen friends and cousins do it and was happy to learn from their mistakes. A guy I knew (ex-brother-in-law in fact)regularly pulled on the strength of his fake police ID or pretences of being a pilot, of course (especially when he was being a pilot) he had to justify his lies when suggesting where to go for meals etc., more often than not he'd have spent his weeks wage on one occasionally successful saturday night. So I have to agree with being generous for your own pleasure because ultimately it will get you much further, and with the right kind of people- the kind that appreciate you for what you are.

SensationsForYou 60M
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7/19/2005 9:00 am

So I was talking with a friend last night about a writing project that we're working on together, and the subject of this blog came up. Don't think about how it came up, just that it did. So he says, "Nobody is gonna write in that thing. Yeah, we've all made those stupid mistakes in the past, but we're tryin' harder to be better now. So who wants to admit that they screwed up?" When I assured him that we've all invested wayyyyyy too much time, energy, and efforts over women that we never stood a chance with, he agreed. Then he told me this story...

"Once I knew this hot girl. This is like, 15 years ago, I think. She was sooooo hot. One of those ones that you just look at, wonder what it would take to meet her, and then go home and crank it over her for a while. Made a couple o' messes over this one, before I even knew her name.

So I'm working at the store one day, (Jewel Foods in Chicago), and I'm sorting through the produce section, and in walks Marissa, 'course I didn't know her name yet. So she strolls right on up to the cantaloupes, and asks me, "How do I tell if they're ripe?"
So I'm trying to be helpful, right? I says, "There's a couple of things you can do. First, try pushing lightly at the core - where the vine detaches. If it's a little soft, then the inside should be ripe. You can also smell the sweetness through the skin." All I'm thinking about is smelling her sweetness through her panties. But I'm keeping it together. She smells wonderful, and I just keep on staring. Finally, I blurt, "Would you like me to pull one out for you?" --So I'm still talking melons, but I think that she went to the other side, and was thinking sex. I dunno. So she gives me this quizzical sorta look, and says, "We hardly know each other." So now I get it...
and I says, "Well, I meant the cantaloupe, but if you'd like to catch a bite to eat sometime, my name's Joe, and I gotta tell you that asking you out is the toughest thing that I've ever done." So she says yes! We ended up together for about a year.

So, long story short, we date for a while, and at first, we're fucking like bunnies! Every day, every night, every place, it was obscene. Lincoln Park!! Then, all of a sudden, she cools off. She's treating me like I'm some pervert 'cuz I wanna bone her all the time still, and she don't want it any more. What's up with that? Then comes the "Big Surprise"...and this is why I'm tellin' you this. She wants things. Crap, garbage, stuff, trips, toys, videos, cars, you name it. She's doing the "If you buy me this, then..." thing you were talking about. So now, I'm not gettin' any, so I'm thinkin' if I do this one thing, I'll get a little sumpin' sumpin'. It's like pullin' teeth to get my rocks off, and I'm getting broke over it. Every day it's something different that she wants. So long story short, guess what? I start finding all this shit around that she's been playing from other guys for a little humma humma. So I asks her, "What's all this crap about?", and she says, "I was only with you to find out how to tell if a cantaloupe is ripe!!" Well, that pretty much destroyed my ego, and we split up pretty quick after that. All I could do was think about her with all these other guys all the time. I was losing sleep, and felt like crap. Took a long time to get over it. Still think about it once in a while. So I guess you're right. If everyone goes through it, it must be okay, but it sure hurts when it happens."

No doubt, Joe. Thanks for the story, and letting me post it for you. Feel free to add anytime. I'm pretty sure that there isn't a guy out there who hasn't been through this at one time or another...

playfulwithyou33 56F
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7/24/2005 2:43 am

Advice: only have sex with women who ACTUALLY WANT TO HAVE SEX WITH YOU!

(and use brackets [] instead of () when you want to use commands)

SensationsForYou 60M
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7/27/2005 9:27 pm

Geez, Playful, thanks for the thoughtful and deeply considerate addition to our postings. Obviously, we are only talking about having sexual relationships with willing partners. While your advice on editing was well-taken, perhaps if you'd provided some direct insight into the subject here, rather than simply slamming the premise with no justification, your credibility wouldn't have been called into question.

Ah, well, any others out there who really have an opinion on this? Inquiring minds want to know, well, at least a little. Thanks.

sexyxxxoo 55F

8/28/2007 8:38 am

Wow! Thank God my parents raised me to be independent! It would seem that the good girl never gets the good guy and the good guy never gets the good girl! Well it is time for a change. Any good guys out there looking for a good girl? I am a good girl who is also naughty! "Hugs and Kisses" to all...... "Sexyxxxoo"


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