Yes, he's old enough to be my father...  

Seereeoslee 37F
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12/3/2005 1:04 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Yes, he's old enough to be my father...

I met up with Craig at Hooters in the mall. First time I'd ever been there. His hair was a bit longer than in the pics he sent me, but that was cool. We sat at the bar and each ordered a beer.

The waitress ID'd me! I can only imagine what was going through her head. There's this man in his mid-forties buying a beer for a girl young enough to be his daughter. I think that if I'd paid for my own she wouldn't have, but since he had his wallet out maybe it put up her underage detection radar. Or maybe she was just curious

So we talked for a while. He kept rubbing his knee against mine and touching my thigh. And then he would pull away. I don't know.

We went back to my apartment.

(I had talked to one of my housemates earlier today about my habit of bringing guys home. I told him that if it made him or the other guy uncomfortable that I would knock it off. Pretty much, he said, "More power to ya. Have fun." I love John. He even bought more paper towels, garbage bags, and toilet paper! I want him bad!)

The usual kissing and petting. Craig's cock was pretty long, average thickness. I asked about condoms. I'm trying to remember to ask before I get all worked up and willing to do something stupid. Guess where they were? Not in his pants pocket. Not in his coat. They were outside in the car. And we were inside. Naked.

So my housemate, John, got to meet Craig, fully clothed now, as I shooed him out the front door to get the condoms. I watched a few minutes of a basketball game with John while I waited. (I wonder if that turned him on, knowing that we had been fooling around and that we would be again soon. I hope it did.)

Back in the bedroom, i found that he was... well, it averages out.

Ive been trying to think how to describe this. It wasn't the best. Not bad tho. Ok, the sex part was great, steady strong rythm. Long strokes for a while, then harder and shorter. Very nice. His oral was good.

Blowing him was good. I'm getting better at going further down. But I think that I hurt something tonight, the back of my throat is sore and I sound funny.

But the thing was, he kept talking. Kept asking me to say things. He practically kept a running commentary. I don't need a play by play when I'm sucking a cock. I know that I suck good cock. Or as he would say, "You suck my cock so nicely." I don't need to hear that my tits are heavy, I've had them my whole adult life. And i certainly don't need you to tell me that you're squeezing them. They're attached!

The worst tho, was that he kept wanting me to say how big his cock was. It was a good size. I've had bigger. I've had smaller. A cock is a cock. But after the 5th or 6th time, it got old.

I don't mean for this to be a bitch session but, tough shit, it's my blog.

I don't like being groped. That's so highschool. Not that I was ever groped in highschool, but that's not the point. I like things slow and firm. Focused. I like to explore details and I like for my partner to explore details.

I'm a quiet person. I don't talk much in day to day life if I can help it. I think that my partner should catch on to the fact that I don't like to talk. And he needs to respect that.

You know why? Because I make the rules. It's my privilege, being a girl in the 21st century in a city full of horny men. I don't like being questioned about or being told, "hold on, we don't need it yet," when it comes to condoms. Or when I say it's time to go. Nobody gets to stay longer than I want them to. No matter how hard your cock is. Especially if I'm not comfortable.

Yeah, so, I'm a bitch. But I'm a cute bitch. And I've found several guys out there that can melt me with one look, touch or kiss. And they can do almost anything that they want with me. Because they know to ask.

(BTW - softwetkisser is a fabulous converstionalist. And obnoxious in a funny way. Maybe next time he'll leave me alone long enough to get the blog finished before 4am!)

SoftWetKisser 52M
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12/3/2005 6:47 am

An excellent blog entry. I especially liked the last paragraph. You obviously have good taste and clearly are an exceptional judge of character. Chat on!!

9Simon9 66M
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12/4/2005 6:59 am

You're not a bitch for wanting to call the shots.

What keeps you from hooking up with your roommate John??

Good writing.

Seereeoslee 37F

12/4/2005 9:29 am

I don't want the house to have tension in it. What if he didn't like what I did. Or if he got jealous of the other guys. I don't want to bring that into the house.

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