The best way to wake up  

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12/17/2005 3:05 am

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The best way to wake up

Alan was my lucky number 13. LOL. My thirteenth guy. The first time I had him was last week, but for some reason I didn't post a blog about it. Honestly I think that I came home and crashed.

He likes to use toys on girls. That was a first for me.

Last night I had hooked up with Brian, whom I'd been chatting with for a few weeks. He came to my place and we had a little fun. But he couldn't stick around for a second go. I'll be seeing him again, without a time constraint.

So I was fishing around the chatrooms for someone to really finish me off. No serious takers.

Then Alan messages me to check that we were still on for this Tuesday. Yes, I schedule that far out. We are, of course. How could I say no to sex and pizza? I told him about my current predicament. He said that as long as I didn't mind if he fell asleep right after that I could come over and play. He works long hours and has to be up very early. I asked if it were ok if I just slept over, if that would be weird.

We didn't do too much sleeping.

He loves my blow jobs. Which is good because I love going down on him. I like when a guy moans or when he holds his breath to let it out in great whoosh when my tongue strokes from the base to the tip of his cock.

He also likes to be in control. That's actually why I haven;t let him have my ass yet. I'm worried that he'll go to hard, too quickly and I'll get hurt.

The best part of last night was def waking up with him inside of me, pounding away. I never want to wake up to an alarm clock again! I just want a nice guy with a nice hard cock to start fucking me every morning. What a wonderful world that would be.

I need sleep now. I'm heading to Binghamton this evening for the M & G with decent. Maybe we'll get snowed in and have to share a hotel room with some other horny AFFers!

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