Slow, gentle . . . was this love making?  

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12/7/2005 5:37 pm

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Slow, gentle . . . was this love making?

Rob again last night. I'm sorry I didn't post right away, but he didn't leave til very late.

We didn't fuck. Not really. It was cold last night, he drove to my place. No hat, the moron... When he came in, he said, "Blankets." I had been in bed, he's the first guy to see me with my hair up for bed and in my pj's. He didn't seem to mind.

For the first time, we started off under the covers. Bodies wrapped around eachother, kissing. I like having him on top of me.

His tongue is magic. And his fingers.

We don't talk much when we're together. I hadnt noticed before last night. We touch eachother. When he wants me to jerk his cock as I suck him he rubs up and down my arm. When I want him to lick me lower I push my heel down on his shoulder. It's nice not having to talk. Leaves more to the other senses.

I had to turn the light on to find a condom. I really need to organize my nightstand better, I can never find anything. I wasn't as wet as I normally am, probably just tired. I don't think that I've had to use lube on my cunt before, but they don't sell it just for anal...

When he slipped inside of me he pulled the blankets up again. Intimate and warm. Comfortable. I hooked my ankles around his waist as he pulled back and forth, in and out. The pace was slow, but deep. I think that he might have kissed me, I couldn't tell you.

After we came he stayed on top of me, his forehead against my chest. That was so sensual.

When we lay next to eachother he uses a stuffed animal as a pillow. It's cute. A couple of times he started to lay an arm across me, but then pulled back. I wonder if he thinks that I don't want to cuddle, or if he's just not comfortable doing it.

Between giving and receiving oral pleasures last night, we made out for a minute, legs moving against legs, tangling, arms looped around, hands roaming. And kissing. I had my back to him at one point, my head turned to kiss him, and his hands were on my breasts and hips. I remember a thought that ran through my mind. "This is what it feels like." Weird. Fleeting.

We talked after. About work, Christmas shopping, hunting, one night stands. I mentioned the AdultFriendFinder Syracuse Meet and Greet. He thought that it had been cancelled. I hope not. I'd love to put some faces to screen names.

Here's to next time!

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