Pre-Meet and Greet : The Paris Cinema  

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1/29/2006 6:59 pm

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Pre-Meet and Greet : The Paris Cinema

I met Clint for dinner last night, before the Meet & Greet. It took a while to find Tully's but we got there and took a table in the bar area. The stools were high and my sexy new shoes kept sliding off of my rungs, so I rather nonchalantly put one foot on his stool. Which gave him rather easy access to my upper thigh and higher. I'm sure that the family at the table across from us got a bit of a show.

He had asked me to wear a skirt and heels. I don't really own a skirt that would be sexy for a real date. What to do? I went through my closet, found a long demin skirt and took a pair of scissors to it. Turned out pretty cute. I'll have to take it it to work on Monday to put a proper hem on it.

Anyhow, have any of you Syracuse people heard of the Paris Cinema? It's an adult movie theater right on Erie Blvd. It has two sides - one mostly for gay guys, the other for bi-guys and couples. The theater is actually a real movie theater, seats, screen and all.

Do you know how hard it is to fuck in a movie theater seat? Very uncomfortable. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

When we sat down, I went into the row first and sat towrds the middle. Clint sat next to me. No sooner had we settled in than all of the guys who had been in the theater moved to sit in the row behind and the row in front of us. It was a little scary.

Then the porn started. I didn't see any of it. My face was buried in Clint's lap. Have I mentioned how much I love sucking cock? LOL. I could hear zippers coming down all around me. And cocks being stroked. And then there were hands on me. And they weren't all Clint's. That was the first time I had had sex any more than one guy touching me. Felt great.

And suddenly my bra was being undone. I'm pretty sure that that was Clint. I wouldn't put money down on it tho. So of course I had to take off my blouse to get the bra off.

I went back down on Clint. This time there were more hands than I could count pinching my nipples, stroking my back and rubbing my legs. Then someone wanted to get under my waistband. Maybe Clint, maybe some random guy. So I took a break from sucking him again to remove my skirt and stockings and panties.

I told Clint that if I lost any of my clothing, he would be paying to replace it. He laughed but agreed.

So there I was, naked but for my shoes, bent over, giving head in a porn theater full of horny, wanking men. Someone was behind me, gently rubbing my cunt. Almost heaven!

"I want to fuck you." Thank god it was Clint that siad it! He produced a condom and I straddled him on the seat. I rode him for a minute or two. I was afraid that we were going to break the seat! After I came so hard that my cunt forced him out of me we changed positions. Or, rather, tried to. It's really hard to find a comfortable way to fuck in those damn folding seats.

Then I realized, there's an aisle! Doggie style! Clint fucked me from behind and all the other guys looked on. I wish that I could have seen more of them, but I was practically face down so all I could see were shoes and pants hems.

When Clint could fuck no more we got our clothes on and left. There was some guy that handed me mine as I needed them. Kind of sweet, kind of creepy.

On the way back to his hotel room we talked about what had happened. I had loved it, he had been a little gunshy. Too many cocks for him, lol.

Back at the hotel we fucked on the double bed. It made me miss my queen bed that currently lives in my mothers garage in buffalo. (Anybody with a pickup truck feel like a road trip? I'd pay you in sex. Really good sex.) He's slim, but what a nice, thick cock he has. Not incredibly long, but really frickin thick, especially at the base. And he's a pounder. No gentle stroking with that cock. It was great.

We took separate cars to the Meet and Greet, in case one of us wanted to leave before the other.

mrplease_1959 57M
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1/31/2006 7:06 am

I have always been curious about the Paris cinema. Sure would have been great to have been there that night!

HorneyAlwayso69 45
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1/31/2006 8:32 am

I have a Chevy Avalanche if it doesn't fit in there you don't need that bed.Let me know 34 5'9" 185 brown hair blue eyes. TTUL

rm_oneida29m 39M

2/1/2006 12:59 am

I have a full sized f150 with a tonneau cover. When were you looking to go to Buffalo? I can swing something if ya want. devin


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