Patrick - I can't wait to fuck him  

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11/25/2005 10:06 pm

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Patrick - I can't wait to fuck him

Ok, I met up with Patrick at a local Starbucks. He was a bit shorter than i thought he would be, but no prob. We each got a drink and then then grabbed a table. this was new, actually sitting down and talking with a guy before I blew him! We told eachother a little bit about our families, and where we worked. I'm terrible with conversation, probably why I was never able to bring myself to try to pick up a guy at a bar. And once I finished my drink I had nothing to do with my hands. But we talked a little while longer then went back to his apartment.

More talking about stuff, music, movies, "safe stuff". We each had a beer. And, OMG, I wanted him. When I reached for his belt he kissed me. I was just expecting to go down on him and call it a night, but that kiss. I think we made out like that for five minutes. I loved his stubble, not so short that it was uncomfortable, but prickly enough to scratch just a little. His hair is just long enough to get my fingers through and tug on. I was surprised when he pulled the elastic from my hair. I like to keep it back because it tends to get in the way. But he ran his hands through it and pulled at it. It was sensual. I think he liked it when I bit at his lips. I know i loved it when he pulled off my shirts and bra. He sucked my nipples til I was moaning and writhing under him.

When I couldn't take it anymore I pushed him onto his back and undid his belt. I almost couldn't stop kissing him. Then I felt his cock against my hand. My mouth found a new occupation

He's uncircumsized. I liked pulling back the skin and licking around his head. His balls were tight in their sack and fairly big. I don't remember exactly what I did to him, but he came quickly, too much foreplay, i think. And he sort of apologized, complimenting me on my oral talent. I love licking and gently sucking a guy's cock right after they've cum. As they start to get soft and are just a little bit more sensitive.

I excused myself to get a beer to sort of rinse my mouth out. And I kept my shirt off. And he kept his pants off. It was comfortable. We talked for a little while longer. Both put some clothes back on. I was feeling a little bit awkward so I asked if he was up for another go round. He said yeah, but not quite yet.
So we hung out and talked some more.

And then, I saw a change in him. Somehow I knew that he was ready again. Maybe it was the way he looked at me. I don't know.

It started again with kissing. And fingers in hair. We were rougher this time. More teeth, more tugging on hair. I loved when he bit my nipples. I came just from that. I think he has scratches down his back. And we weren't even fucking. At some point he gave me a hickey. I wonder if it was on purpose...

And then he wanted to move to his bedroom. I was unsure at first, since I couldn't fuck (damn "Aunt Flow" ) but he kept kissing me and I couldn't say no. His bed was big and soft. I kissed, licked, and bit my way down his neck and chest and stomach until i was at his boxers again. I managed to get his cock farther down my throat than anyone before him, but I still gagged a few times. More enthusiasm than talent. I'll learn tho. He lasted longer this second time so I got play with him more. He liked having his balls (and lower) licked and sucked. I was happy to oblige.

After he came again I figured that I would go, but he was so cute laying there with his arms spread out across the bed that I just wanted to cuddle with him. So I took a chance and laid down next to him. I pulled the covers up to our waists and settled down next to him. It felt good to just lie there, knowing I had exhausted him and made him feel so good.

And we talked. Weird, huh? At some point he checked his clock. 10: 07. OMG I had been with him for more than 3 and a half hours. He had to meet a friend at 10:30. That felt like a nudge to get up and go, so I suggested I leave. He said no. We could wait another 20 minutes. So we layed together longer. Talking.

When we parted ways I kised him. And kissed him again. And then one or two more times.

God I can't wait to fuck him.


11/26/2005 3:41 pm


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