Not been holding out...  

Seereeoslee 36F
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1/9/2006 6:44 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Not been holding out...

No, I have not been hold out on you guys. I have really not had sex in a week. WTF!!

And you know what....I don't really mind so much. I'm going crazy.

I haven't really counted one on one camming as a hook up. Just like I don't really count phone sex. But after so many times camming with just one guy I think that he needs to go on my blog.

He lives in Ireland, his name is Benny. He saw me on cam with Mark over Christmas and sent me a wink or added me to his hotlist or something. He didn't email. I was intruiged. (At that time I was "collecting" internationals and chatting with them on MSN. I have guys from every hemisphere.) I liked his pic - he's cute, in a teddy bearish sort of way. His profile was funny (tho tonight I found out that most of it is false, lol).

Anyhow. He's 26 years old and as dirty as they come. And, heheheheh, practically a virgin. This of course I didn't find out until a few days into talking him. Not that that's a problem with me, it was just surprising.

We spent a lot of time over Christmas break chatting. A LOT. Then we both had to go back to work so we really only get to talk on the weekends.

We've told eachother about our families. I was with mine over break and so was complaining endlessly. He lives with his family tho. A bunch of brothers, a sister and his folks. And his oldest brothers kids. Lot of people for 4 bedrooms.

But that's not what you want to hear about.

I don't typically like camming. But he uses his comp in bed. And he's usually shirtless. And sometimes bottomless. We've looked at porn together. He had a membership to a very raunchy site. We must have been going through videos together for hours one afternoon/evening. As some of you know, I use my comp in bed. And usually naked. Well, you can guess what happens when two naked people watching eachother on cam, looking at porn together figure out to do.

I love watching guys masturbate. I love hearing them cum.

Yesterday we figured out how to have a video conversation. We both have cams, we both have mics. Tonight I got to watch and listen to him while I masturbated. I did, however miss seeing him cum. He's rather loud, breathing and grunting. It set me off. I need to learn to keep my eyes open when I cum. I miss good stuff.

I told him to not go online tomorrow. Since tonight I kept him up til almost 2. Maybe if I got naked sooner he would have been asleep sooner. Or maybe we would have gone at it again.

A funny thing. I turn off my other messengers when we're chatting or talking. Tonight I just went invisible, but guys still IMed. Each time he heard the little chime, or saw me typing he'd say, "Tell 'em tah fuckhoff."

This is stupid - I like when guys are jealous. I shouldn't put this down, but -I've been waiting for a guy to tell me that he doesn't want me to see other guys. I'm pretty sure that that's what he's saying.

But I only understand half of what he says anyway.

kimochiE 33M

1/13/2006 2:06 am

It was flattering when my last lover, um, recommend me to her friend, but I'm beginning to miss a jealous woman too....

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