My New Year's Eve  

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1/2/2006 12:16 am

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My New Year's Eve

So here's the low down on my New Years Eve.

Brad -
Huge cock but he could stay for a few minutes. I want him again when we have more time.

Scott -
I don't know what it is about 36 year olds, but I like 'em. Most of my favorite guys are 36. He was fun. Engergetic. He let me put us on cam. (My dresser is the perfect height and distance to get a good view of the bed and it's occupants.) Fun times, but quick again - he to get to the store and back to his kid.

Mark (the guy from Christmas night) -
I was going to go to Rochester to get with Mark again, but I have no gas and no money and the roads were kind of shitty. So I called him and he was ok with it, was doing the family party thing.

So I did what I do when I have nothing else to do - I got naked, got into bed and went online. My Irishman was online. He's so cute. And practically a virgin. I love talking with him - he's so dirty. So we chatted for an hour or so and looked at dirty websites together. But hes 5 hours ahead of me, so I had to let him sleep.

I chatted for a while but fell asleep around 11:15 ish.

I woke up around 3am b/c my housemates are loud and obnoxious when they're drunk or high or whatever they were. And I went online again. (God I need to get a life. I almost miss going to work.) Mark was on and horny. Big surprise. He asked if I was going to come out there in the next day or two, then said, "Fuck it, I'm coming to Syracuse." Who am I to argue with a redneck with a hardon?

We talked on the phone while he drove. And I played online. He's obsessed with having a threesome with another girl. But really, at 4 in the morning, what girl is looking for a threesome?

Anyway, when he got here he laid with me for a few minutes touching me while I talked online. Normally I could have stayed there like that for a while, but I wanted to get fucked. And I needed a shower.

I got both, at once.

He was so tired. I let him sleep for a while, but I got frisky. You would think that giving a guy a hand job would wake him up, but no go. When I did get him to get up his was ready to go and fucking me before I knew what was going on.

And he let me keep the cam on. At one point he took me doggie style so that I could type in the chatroom while we fucked.

On a sappier note, I love sleeping next to a guy. Well, I love it when a guy sleeps next to me. I can listen to his breathing and cuddle up to him. Mark cuddles in his sleep. If I put my hand on his he'll lace his fingers through mine. I need to find a guy like that to keep, I think.

hornyman1232004 60

1/2/2006 4:23 am

Hey my birthdays comming what a wonderful birthday present you would be.
I enjoy cuddleing my self.Especialy with a sexy woman.So when you comming to Dunkirk.Im horny

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