I've lost count...  

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12/19/2005 8:57 pm

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I've lost count...

I met with Vin today. Older. Cute. Comfotable.

I like a guy who knows how to kiss. He's not the best I've had (kissing-wise) but he's right up there. I like gentle kisses at the beginning of the hook up. To sort of feel a person out and find a certain comfort level. I think that we got there.

I also like a guy who's ready to go right out of the gate. Makes me happy to feel a hard cock as I'm taking off a guy's pants. Makes me happier to wrap my lips around that cock. I honestly don't know what it is about going down on a guy that gets me so hot. Maybe it's the control.

He seemed to be testing the waters, so to speak, as we made out and fucked. I think that he has some potential to take charge and be rough, but he seemed almost indecisive. Maybe that will come in future hook ups. I did try to egg him on, scratching down his arms and pulling his hair. I could have been more vocal, but I guess that I was testing the waters, too.

We talked afterward. Well, he did most of the talking, as I was playing with his cock again. He told me that I should seduce John (my housemate who may or may not be gay). I don't know. Maybe.

As Vin was leaving he expressed a sort of concern that I would tear him apart here and not see him again. I think that he's crazy.

I will be seeing him again. And maybe next time he'll bring in a camera...

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