And I didn't think I'd be hooking up Sunday night  

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11/28/2005 2:20 am

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And I didn't think I'd be hooking up Sunday night

So, Rob and I were messaging, complaining about busy schedules and such. I was tired and getting ready for bed.

Then I got the itch. I can finally fuck, and I had had a bitchy night (had to witness the ex making out with her new gf). So I went into the NY Area chat room, to see if anybody was up for some hot chat. Not much was happening, but Rob messaged me again after I told everyone that I was bored and going through cock withdrawl. He said that we lived close and could meet me.

Now, you ladies out there know how crazy guys can be with chatting and messaging. How can we keep straight who has AIM or Yahoo, and whose from 10 miles away or 65 miles away. And real names!?! I have no clue which AdultFriendFinder name corresponds to which Yahoo name, let alone which is Dan, Dave or Justin.

Thankfully Rob humored me and told for the (I'm sure) 5th time that lives just the other side of the highway, is 30 something and has a car. His name does come up on Yahoo, so I was good with that info.

So I gave him my number and said, "How soon can you meet me?"

We came back to my place. My room is cluttered so I didn't want to turn the lights on, but the light from my comp screen was good for him. "It'll be enough to find all the important parts," he told me.

I think we said about three words to eachother after he shut my door before we started kissing. Ok, he's not as great a kisser as Patrick but he was leagues better than "B". Even before my shirt hit the floor he was sucking my nipples. Or I was licking his. I don't remember. We barely talked at all while we made out.

On the bed he pushed me back and started again on my nipples. (He must have read my blog.) And for a nice long time even. Then he went down on me. He was so gentle and patient. My legs were over his shoulders, my hands on his head. But he didn't need any guidance. I came. And then came again. If his hair were longer he'd have a bald spot now.

Then of course I had to return the favor. He is fairly vocal. The first guy whose actually said, or rather moaned, "Oh god, oh god," and, "that's it, that's great," while I was giving him head.

I love finding those one or two different things that picks each cock up just a little bit more. Rob likes having his balls sucked. His cock would jump against my hand each time I sucked his balls a little harder and a little more into my mouth. And he liked when I sucked and licked just the very tip of his head.

His climax was the longest, most drwn out one yet. He came in my mouth, of course, and I enjoyed cleaning him up and sucking him until he stopped, well, twitching. His whole body shook and lifted.

We laid together for a few minutes, talking about life. I wasn't sure if he was done for the night and I was getting cold (my housemates keep the heat at 62), so I asked if was sticking around for a while. He was. I pulled the blankets out from under us and cuddled up to him. Not that there was any room to do otherwise as I only have a twin mattress. But, sometimes, it's the end, not the means that counts.

We talked some more. We both share a love of cartoons. And Kevin Smith movies. And he was rubbing my back just about putting me to sleep. I rolled onto my stomach so that he sould massge more of my back and he did for a minute or so. Then his hand ventured lower, rubbing my ass cheeks and my thighs. And then my cunt. God that felt good. He dipped his finger into me a few times and then moved up to my ass. He massaged it for bit then moved back to my cunt. And back to my ass. He must have been reading my mind.

I bought some KY at the store a few days ago, just in case. I rummaged it out of my night stand and handed it to him. Silly me forgot to take the saftey seal off! Once we figured that out, he lubed a finger and slid it down my ass and inside of me. Best feeling in the world. Or so I thought until he was finger fucking my ass and cunt at the same time! I had one hand clutching a pillow, but the other was busy at my clit. I was in heaven!

When he couldn't wait any more he told me to roll over. He was positioned between my legs and ready to plunge when my senses returned. I stopped him and handed him a condom. No words. No complaints. I like Rob.

It wasn't really fucking. No hardcore slamming against eachother, no grunting. It was great. He asked me if I wanted to be on top. I asked him if he wanted me on top. I like to keep converstaion very up front and direct. He said yes.

I realize now that I need to move my bed to the other end of the room, away from the window. Somone is going to end up putting a foot through it one of these nights (mornings).

I like being on top. Didn't know that about myself. We found a good rythym. That's important, isn't it? To be in sync like that? I liked watching his face while I fucked him. (It was fucking this time, grunts and moans and everything.) And when he came again, I didn't think that he was going to stop. I kept riding him, more gently of course, even after. I like the feel of a cock inside me.

I felt obligated to clean him up again, so I pulled off the condom and sucked and licked him clean.

We each had a cigarette while I walked him to his car. That's when I noticed his sweatshirt. It had a kind of stick figure guy on it, but it was headless. The caption below it said, in rather big letters, NEEDS HEAD. I've never had a guy dress for the occasion before.

I'll meet with Rob again, I think. I'd like to feel his cock in my ass. He'd be good for that.

Now it's 5:20 and I have to be to work at 9. Three hours of sleep should be plenty right?

BTW - who am I meeting on monday night? I forget.

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11/28/2005 9:16 am

Great writing; keep up the good work.

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