A first for me - Same guy a second time  

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11/29/2005 1:43 am

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A first for me - Same guy a second time

I've been horny all day. I was pretty sure that I had set something up with someone but I had no idea who or when. I need to get a calendar.

So I messaged Rob. He had a game date with friends, but said that he'd be done around midnight. Damn him for making me wait!! I told him that I would call at midnight.

So in the meantime I hung around online chatting it up with some AdultFriendFinder cock. I mean guys. I set up hook ups with Brain for wednsday (after darts), and with a guy for tuesday (I think his name is Justin, but really, what do I care?). Thursday will be iffy. I set up a hook up with Dave at 11, but I really want to see this other guy and told him to get in touch with me when he has his school stuff squared away, which he says should be Thursday. What's a girl to do?

Rob called me at 12:03 and said that he was cutting out from the bar scene and would be here in about 20 minutes. (What happened to my rules? They're very clear: Don't call me, I'll call you.) But I like the way he moans, so he's forgiven. This time.

The weather was great tonight, so I met him on the porch. Yes, I brought a guy in through the front door! What must my housemates think!?! I kind of wanted to make out on the porch for a few, but he seemed uncomfortable. Oh well.

We came inside and went striaght back to my room. He stretched and cringed, he had a kink in his back. I've never given a massage before, so I thought, "no time like the present." He wasn't expecting it. There was some confusion on his face when I pushed him to the bed, face down and shirtless. But he moaned when I started the massage. I keep my hand lotion in my nightstand, so I grabbed it. I am quite proud of myself that I thought to rub it through my hands to warm it up. Far as I can tell, he liked the massage. But he doesn't seem like one to complain, so who knows?

We made out, laying on my bed. I'm getting quite good at undressing a guy, if I do say so myself. I got his pants unbottoned and unzipped one handed. I had a goal tonight, to make him cum by using just my mouth. No hands, no nothing else. I think that I came pretty close, but he stopped me, saying that I needed to take my clothes off. I got to go down on him for another few good strokes before he pulled me away.

(My housemate is having sex with his girlfriend inthe next room. She's not a quiet climaxer. God, I'd love to get into my housemates pants. And watch him sex up his gf. I get wet just listening to her moan and call out. Msturbating to her sounds could be a happy hobby for me. They need to have sex more often.)

Back to Rob:

This man gives fantastic oral. He seemed to pay close attention to my moans, and trembles. Even to my breathing. And his short, bristly facial hair felt amazing against my skin down there. And he's not shy about my anal fixation. I thought that I was going to need to pull out the lube, but my cunt was wet enough to lube up my ass for him.

I came with his tongue in my cunt and his finger in my ass. Amazing sensations.

But I wanted more.

"I need you to fuck me," I said to him, pulling away and sitting up. "Hard." I gave him my only condom and waited while he pulled it over his cock.

And he fucked me. No caresses, no polite words. Neither of us lasted very long. I just wanted it hard and he let me have it.

We didn't cuddle tonight. But we did talk some.

And still I wanted more.

"Did you bring condoms?" He didn't answet right away. Then, "I had some last night, but you had one, so..." Ugh. I told him he was fired. He started rubbing and pinching my nipples. The bastard was turning way, way on. His hand roamed up and down my body, pausing at my cunt and clit now and then, and returning again to my breasts. Over and over. He fingered my cunt, stretching and thrusting, but i wasn't what I needed. His hands roamed on.

An idea was formulating in my head, but would go for it?

Then his hand caught one of mine and lead it to his cock. I leaned over him, still sitting on the bed, but facing toward his feet, my hip near his shoulder. I slowly jacked his cock in my hand before leaning closer to suck just his head into my mouth. I thought that finally I would get to taste his cum. I did get a few shots of glorified precum, but he was resilient.

Then I heard the words I've been waiting for for too many nights. "I would love to be in your ass." I didn't want to stop sucking him, but I had to answer. Such decisions a girl has to make these days. "Will you be gentle?" I had to repeat the question before I got an answer. "Yeah. Of course."

Good enough for me. I let go of his cock and reached into my nightstand for the lube. That stuff is a godsend. I watched him lube his cock then turned and slowly lowered my head to the bed. He rubbed the KY onto my ass and slipped a finger inside of me. Even tho I had already been penetrated it was still a shock. Doubt entered my head, but I knew that I wanted it. I reminded myself to breathe and relax. When he pushed into my ass my brain stopped working. I remember him sliding me back on the bed, towards him. And he thrust in and out with long, hard strokes.

That's what I needed. Once I had to ask him to slow down, but just for a few strokes. I don't know if he came inside me, or whereever, but I was finally completely sated.

He apologized for coming so soon, that it just felt too good. There was no need for him to apologize. In fact, I thanked him. I got a sort of half cuddle then. I just kind of collapsed flat onto the bed. He held himslef up above me, but I knew that I could take his weight, so I pulled at his arm til he was laying fully on top of me. That felt nice, comforting.

We talked again. He told me that he likes to cook. Told me about his grilling and what he had for dinner. I had had a bagel. So I "yelled" at him, saying that, to make up for not bringing condoms tonight, next time he'd have to bring condoms and good food. He promised he would.

Guess I'll have to see him again.

TopFisher 63M

11/29/2005 4:10 am

Well it sounds as though you are the one that should provide the main course for him to prepare on his grill at his place next time, Right?

Bet his condom supply is fine there anyway. Oh and bring along a selection of your own favorites too!

good girl, enjoy it.


9Simon9 66M
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11/29/2005 6:09 am

Sounds like Rob knows a good thing when he's found it.

Good writing.

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