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7/27/2006 6:34 pm
gay_wm_east_ar member experience

This guy does seem like a good guy, but then again it's extremely difficult to get a hold of this individual. Worse than that, striking up any conversation with him is next to impossible as they all usually end up with one liner dead ends. This guy does not know how to be social with anybody it seems.

Honestly, he does seem like a nice guy, but then again he also matches the profile of someone who could likely be a serial killer too. You know the type, very quiet and self reserved and holds a good job and lives in a small community. Walk into a psycho's house and you'd probably see dead bodies hung on hooks all around his house with him viewing the AdultFriendFinder website wearing someone's head for a hat. Not saying he is a serial killer, but he matches the personality of someone who would be in my opinion.

The guy is also very prejudice. If you are of some sort of pagan based religion or happen to be non-christian anything, then you'll have zero luck with even getting to speak with him. He seems racist against Romanians.

This guy doesn't even have the balls to tell you to not contact him anymore. Instead he'll go behind your back and lie about you to all his friends. After a while, he'll trade phones with a friend so you'll get a hold of the friend instead of him and will get told off and threatened with lawsuits.

He's admitted to being a sex freak but also mentioned to be looking for a relationship not based around sex. Our relationship wasn't being based around sex, hell we haven't seen each other naked even, yet I was dropped like a bad habbit with the above scenario.

This guy is going to get nothing more than just a quick one night stand fuck. If you're out just for sex and only sex, go right ahead for him, but anything beyond that, you're wasting your time. This guy, Heath, is a spineless coward who can't even tell his friends the truth about the one he's dating. He's a liar and ballsless.

If Heath happens to read this article, looks like you fucked up. My advice to you is, Grow the fuck up and grow a set of balls!

This blog article is written based upon my experience and opinions about Heath. If there are any problems or resentments about this blog entry, go fuck yourself because this blog is here to stay. People need informed about this individual so they don't waste their time on someone who is entirely worthless.

My overall rating of him? Probably good for a quick fuck, but nothing more will ever be able to arise with him. It'd probably be better to date someone in the KKK, at least they have the balls to tell you they don't want to speak with you anymore.

I say he doesn't have the balls because of this scenario. I was told online that he's having second thoughts about going out with me. Then he goes ahead and picks me up a couple days later for the date. I continue to call him trying to get in touch and get to know him better. Got a hold of him finally and asked him, "Is it alright for us to talk," which I was replied with, "Nah, you're alright, we can talk".

Instead of saying "We can talk" he should've said something along the lines of, "Don't speak to me again, I'm sick of you." which he didn't say. SO he went ahead behind my back and lied about me to a friend of his, traded his phone and I got a hold of him. His friend threatened me with a lawsuit telling me to quit harrassing him, blah blah blah.

Hell, I didn't know he wanted me to stop calling. How can I if the spineless fucker doesn't bother telling me to stop calling? I can't, that's all the point that can be made.

All in all, don't worry about him. If you see gay_wm_east_ar (aka Heath) on this site, just pass over his profile and go to someone else. There's better people out there with a set of balls than this man. Just leave him alone and never contact him, he just isn't worth the time and effort.

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