Where is the Love Connection - Astrology Can Help!!!!!  

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Where is the Love Connection - Astrology Can Help!!!!!

WHEN it comes to anything so important as finding a love connection , ASTROLOGY CAN HELP!

Astrology CAN offers important CLUES , revealing guidance--and caveats– WHAT TYPE OF PERSON WOULD you best be suitable with - Where to look and the time. The Seventh House is the place to look for the Marriage partner but if you want good old fashion whoopee - the fifth house will give you insight too

HE’S LOOKING FOR LOVE IN ALL THE RIGHT PLACES because the Astrologer won’t steer him wrong.

NATAL CHART for SparkyDarlin

April 15, 1954 22:27 EST
Pigeon Forge, Tennessee
038W33’16 35N36’21
SOLAR RETURN - April 15, 2006 1238 EST
VENUS- June 10th 2006 - 13:43EST

He’s double fire and plays sidewalk lawyer with the emotions
HIS FUTURE mate needs to be able to stand the Heat and use equivocation to fertilize the roses.

IS HE ANY GOOD AT whoopee.
ARIES SUN RESIDES IN HIS FIFTH HOUSE OF Hedonistic Pleasures. Where there is SUN there is an area the Shines. Aries are not into roses or pretty songs but climb on for a wild sensual ride. He does have a masculine asset or two.


The man is the Universal Child - Seventh-House GEMINI:. He wants a partner with a youthful outlook.. He desire a partner who also is intelligent and communicative. A good mental rapport is a must for any successful pairing. Sex is fine but SparkieDarlin won't really enjoy a relationship if he can't have mental 'fun and games' with his lover on a regular basis. Beware of connecting with a potential female version of Peter Pan. The Port of Fortune and Jupiter reside in the Seventh House. This man needs a big beautiful woman with fire coming out of her hands to keep things interesting for him. SOLAR AND VENUS RETURNS.

Eight House Issues and Grouchy old Saturn will be the issue on the Solar Return.

Unearned Income Ventures leads to a harvest for a midsummer’s Dream. Sudden Changes involving a woman in an Ashram or a Pub during Turkey Season with Educational Opportunities just before his Birthday in 2007.

JUNE 10TH 2006 BRINGS Love on the Horizon. THE SUN IN THE SEVENTH HOUSE! Oh My! Start
looking at Groomsuits, SparkyDarlin's- bachelor days are numbered. Look for Florence Nightingale in a veil with a bouquet of roses. A WEDDING AT A DOLLYWOOD PUB would be just the ticket for Mr. Sparky Darlin


All Characters in this blog have no existance outside the imagination of the blog writer and have no relation to anyone bearing the same name or names. They are not even distantly inspired by any individual known or unknown by the blog writer and all incidents are pure invention - HOWEVER................THE DATES AND PLANETARY ALLIGNMENTS ARE REAL!!!!

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