Venus Return - Love On The Horizon according to the Stars  

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8/8/2006 1:06 pm
Venus Return - Love On The Horizon according to the Stars

Venus Return Chart - When Will Love Come Aug 4, 2006 4:46 am
A Venus Return is when Venus returns to the same position that it was at Birth. This represents a window of time when a love connection is on the horizon.

First the BirthChart Is Cast
July 26, 1951
Goose Creek - South Carolina
0617 AM EST
080W01'58 32N58'51

Sun/Rising Sign Leo keeping company with Pluto and Mercury. Taurus Moon Keeping Company with the Port of Fortune in the Tenth HOuse

Venus is in Virgo/ Mars is In Cancer


Venus Return Chart
September 6, 2006
Grantville, GA
01:57 PM EDT
084W50'09 33N14'05

Late Summer begins the Window of Time for the Love Connection on the Horizon. The Ascendant is in Sagittarius Fifth House - keeping company with Pluto.

Sagittarius is travel, higher education and the spiritual community. The Fifth House is the House of Lovers. Pluto likes the walk on the mysterious side but makes for intense whoopee.

Mr. Fire and Earth takes a trip - encounters a dark lady and a good time is had by both.

Is Mr. Fire and Earth destined for a groom suit. At this point we look at the Seventh HOuse which is occupied by a retrograded Aquarius Neptune. The Potential Partner is a creative soul into education. A teacher who left the scene and comes back into the picture.

Mr. Fire and Earth would do well with Ms. Water and Air.

Scorpio Sun - Gemini Moon

disclaimer - the date - the place and time of birth are were chosen randomly. The chart does not belong to anyone known by me. It is just for demonstrative purposes

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