Thoughts on Ex-Hubby, The Neighbor's WooWoo and another Stright Tequila Night  

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8/9/2006 12:26 pm

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Thoughts on Ex-Hubby, The Neighbor's WooWoo and another Stright Tequila Night

Another Straight Tequila Afternoon and I CAN'T drink Tequila because I'm in A.A.

Well, I COULD drink Tequila but I won't Thus I will Blog Instead - I will go to the Ladies Teetotaller Meeting this evening and head for the Forest with Ferlin the Mutt afterwards.

I'll pitch my tent, build a great big campfire, wake up in the morning, and spend the day on the hiking trails.

It would be nice to find an unattached masculine person and made some wild whoopee. AFTER ALL......... That is the agenda of this site.

Now my thoughts on the Naked Neighbor and why I am no longer married. Actually the marriage was on the skids before she even came into the picture. Nevertheless....... I never did like her even before I knew that she showed now ex-hubby her WOOWOO.

My Navy Son left his car at our house while he was at sea. Grumpy took her for a ride in the car. My thought was what is that sleazy @#@%!!!! doing in my son's car. I had to spray that car with disinfect .

When we first got married, I wanted a rototiller for my garden. He got me a computer instead. Mostly for him to play with. I wonder if he wishes he got me the rototiller instead.

Clever Ex-Hubby passwords his computer. The Star bypasses the password. Surprise! Surprise!

Grumpy's got a secret.
including.................... Naked Women in his computer. He didn't get the Neighbor's WooWoo from a picture off the net.

If I were a Scorpio instead of an easygoing mellow Libra - He would be sing Larena Bobbit. Snip Snippidy Snip!

I confronted the neighbor with the Picture, telling her "If you want my husband, you are welcome to him!" After she got through screaming on her porch, "I don't want your husband!" I calmly told her "Honey, you've got him. She Called him."

He got mad at me. Why she needed a picture for the Adult Site and he obliged her. Why should I be upset, after all - We've been to clothing optional beaches and nudist resorts. The difference is when we went to clothing optional beaches, I knew about the WooWoo's that he got to see. I never pass-worded a computer to keep him from seeing which Whoopers I checked out. There were no neighbors with Whoopers that I felt inclined to checking out much less taking pictures of. I bet that neighbor didn't cure his weak sword either.

When I was married Sex was an every other year event. Now I am on this site, trying to make up for lost time.

Oh Well, Life on Life's Terms - Another Tequila Afternoon. I'll be spending the Evening drinking coffee in the Forest with Ferlin the Mutt. At least Ferlin understands the concept of Loyalty.

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