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The First Time My Wife Was Seduced and Deep Fucked  

Seduceher53yo 63M/61F
26 posts
7/6/2008 4:51 pm
The First Time My Wife Was Seduced and Deep Fucked

This happened years ago, and it definitely was a new experience for both my wife and me.

One of my biggest turn-ons was the time a handsome, outgoing, big-cocked friend seduced my wife when they thought I was sleeping. I was awake and listening.

After lots of kissing and hugging in the dark kitchen, they moved to the couch where he tried to seduce her. At first she said, "No, I can't. I'm married." He kept trying. After the 4th or 5th attempt she said "I can't, Greg. " He said, "Ya, but you want to, don't you."
"Yes," she said, " Give it to me."
After I heard them taking her clothes off, I could hear her grunt and loudly inhale as he must have been sliding his hard 8 " cock into her pussy.

My wife gets wet when ready to make love, and I'm sure she was dripping wet then.
I heard the sounds of lovemaking--heavy breathing, body contact, him groaning and her moaning.
I was incredibly jealous about it, but I was also really excited and turned on. I was excited hearing her being seduced and anticipating her pleasure and response when she felt his 8 inches plunge deep inside her. I was also pleased that he found her sexy and desireable, something that she did not ever accept or acknowledge about herself. I had been the first and only man that she had ever made love with. I realized that if she wanted to experience making love with someone else, I'd let her. I wanted her to have the opportunity and experience to do just that.

As I listened to them, I got so horny that I started to slowly jack off my already hard cock. I had never been so excited and jealous before. I still found it unbelievable that she'd ever go to bed with someone else. It had taken me months of dating to seduce her. She had been so shy and inhibited that I knew she'd never make love with another man without dating him for a while. Knowing all that made me even hornier now as she gave herself to him and made passionate and uninhibited love to my friend.

At that point I wanted so much to watch as well as hear, but I knew the floor would creak, and I'd be discovered. I didn't want them to know that I was listening, and I didn't want to interrupt their love making. I did NOT want them to stop.

They continued to make passionate, wild, and uninhibited love even louder!
Their breathing got heavier and heavier, and the grunts and moans got louder. Between breaths and moans she said, "It's so good! … You're SO big! … It's so deep!… Oh, don't stop!… DON'T STOP!" Then I heard her come, moaning aloud, "Oh my God! … Ohhh my God!"
Then I came all over myself--my chest, and all over my face. I didn't know that I could shoot so much cum so far and for so long.

Later I told her that I had heard them. Her face got crimson red, and she just about drove off the road. She admitted what they had done. I told her how jealous I had been but more horny and excited than jealous. I said I didn't mind if she made love to him again--more than once to twice, if she wanted to. ( I figured he wanted to. In a few days, she told me that he was really hot for her, and hinted that she was hot for him.)

For a long time when we made love we fantasized about that first time. I pretended to be him and she pretended that I was Greg fucking her. We both got really hot and horny. The love making was fantastic !!
Long after she said that she didn't fantasize about him any more, I knew that she still did fantasize getting his 8 inches of love. I knew because sometimes she'd get so carried away she said his name and wanted it big, hard and deep.

They had other rendezvous that I knew about, but the telling of them are for another time.

Unbelievably, she still is very shy around men. She says that she has turned down sexual advances, but wished she hadn't. I know the right sexy guy could seduce her again. I know that she really wants to get seduced like that again. Sometimes she hints about it, but doesn't want to admit it.

I wish that an attractive man with at least 8" would seduce her so she could experience this all again. I'd love to listen and/or to watch her passionately make love as she is being seduced. I'd even settle for some details or even just knowing that she is being seduced. That is my fantasy.

Now I wish that in his other visits to her, I would have been part of a threesome or as a cuckold I could have watched. I also would have loved fluffing him, getting him hard for another round of fucking. The thought of seeing and sucking his thick 8" cock would have turned me on, and I still get turned on thinking about his cock and him fucking my quiet, shy wife.

outlaw945 55M
7 posts
7/12/2008 4:04 pm

I like to give your wife my 9 in let me know

veroxxxfun 52M
6329 posts
7/15/2008 11:17 am

Very nice story, would love to see my wife get pounded by a big fat 8" cock

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outdoorman94 46M

7/30/2008 7:19 am

This sounmds very hot I hope your still having a great time!

PussyInspector8 68M

8/4/2008 4:15 pm

What an incredibly hot experience! I would have to have watched, as that big, strange cock invaded my wife's pussy. Seeing that long cock, balls-deep inside her, then watching her body respond to his thrusts......watching him make her cum and cum, then seeing him shoot his seed deep inside her!

Seduceher53yo 63M/61F

8/10/2008 1:48 pm

Your comments turn me on! MMMMMmmmm.

cuck4her2 51M/52F

8/31/2008 7:56 pm

Had a similar experience, but at a swingers club. After months of talking about it, we joined a swingers club. On our first club meeting we went to their hospitality room. My hot wife got naked and before long a guy who had danced with her earlier came over and started making out with her. I followed them into one of the bedrooms and watched as he fucked me wife. I was wonderful. I was shaking with sexual excitment as I watched this hunk of a man fuck me wife hard and deep. His huge cock was white from her cum and she was screaming with pleasure. Up until that moment my wife and I thought she could not achieve an orgasim with intercourse. Like the author of this blog, I played with my little dick and came as I watch my wife being satisfied more then I could ever do.cuck4her2

fun4us2in1 57M
67 posts
10/29/2008 6:46 pm

Absolutely exciting experience. I'd love to seduce her and slowly peel her out of her clothes and hope she would gasp as I enter her

Seduceher53yo 63M/61F

10/30/2008 6:10 pm


I wish you would come over and visit us:

I'd say to you: .... and

Her attitude would be: ....

She is: ..... a n d ....

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You look at me and command: ....

You plunge in and tell her: .... a n d .....

She whispers in your ear: ...... '''', '''''


Then she begs: .... oh yes.... .....

She is breathing heavily and gasps: .....


She loves it when you: .....

You tell my wife: "YOU ARE A ......

Afterwards she tells you and then tells me: ...

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