Just one kiss...  

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8/16/2005 6:55 am

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Just one kiss...

I crawled into bed last night. Hubby was already asleep. He woke for a second, "So you decided to come to bed". I didn't say anything. No kissing and making up here. In the morning I slept in late to avoid him. He kissed me on the lips before going to work. His lips barely touched mine.

We don't kiss anymore. Not passionately. Especially now. I am still angry on the inside over what he said to me yesterday. I don't want to start another arguement over it so I keep quiet. I guess because a new day has started I am suppose to forget about it and let it go. Just because a new day starts doesn't mean I can erase my feelings and start over. The damage is done and it just laps over the scar tissue of previous damage. How much damage can I endure?

I will try to forget our arguement yesterday. It's not worth dwelling on. I will fill my head with work issues and tonight when I come home 3 things can happen. 1. A new arguement. 2. Make up or
3. Avoid each other.

I wish I had something for joyful to look forward to this week. Maybe I can force something positive to happen in my life this week. Wish me luck! S-

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