I miss my husband  

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10/10/2005 1:49 am

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I miss my husband

Tonight I am up late. My husband and I had another small arguement over the weekend. We've made up since then but sometimes after we make up I still think about some of the hurtful things he said. I know it takes two people to have an arguement. I'm sure I said my fair share of hurtful things. Which causes him to pull away further from me... But thinking about what he says to me makes me so that I don't want to sleep next to him in the bed because I am so mad at him but at the same time I wish he would wake up and hug me and love me and make love to me. I don't want to wake him up now. I know he is sorry even when he doesn't tell me so. He washed my car. That is how he says he is sorry for hurting my feelings. He does something nice for me when he is sorry. Sometimes if my husband is giving me the cold shoulder sexually, it is tempting to cheat because men are sooooo nice to a woman that they are trying to seduce. It's difficult to resist the temptation of a man who is paying me all this attention that I don't get at home. I want to be a good person so I resist seeing anyone in person. I just really want my relationship I have now with my husband to get better. But when I'm not getting any sugar? I am tempted to flirt.....Just a little

suntanboy99 64M

10/19/2005 11:16 am

I really don't think there should be very many arguements in a great relationship. Respect in a relationship should allow mutual differing opinions, but that is not an arguement. So if he says hurtful things you can analyze why: > does he not respect you? > Does he want out of the relationship? > Does he not know how to be the warrior in your life? Yes, washing a car probably is a guy's way of saying sorry or trying to do something nice.. but let him wash his sister's car.

You can work with him to bring out the guy you need him to be for a Great Relationship, how about giving him a relationship book and a teddy-nitie, along with a note telling him to ask you to wear it when he is ready!

Or you need to figure out why you are just in a relationship that is not great. Why would you not expect Great.

My problem is that when I am pushed away in a relationship I do stray, that makes me smile, then my happy home smiling attitude carries through and I get more lovin' at home, wierd but it really works. I have even found a lap dance does about the same thing, but it is not quite cheating.

Northland2005 57

10/30/2005 8:08 pm

Long term relationships all have conflict. We see each other , warts and all, we live the daily grind, meet life head on. It is more difficult than some idealistic "roses all the time" view.

Sometimes the quality of our lives is forged thru the fires of living them together.

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