I don't think you're ready for this JELLY!!!LOL  

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7/19/2005 6:49 am

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I don't think you're ready for this JELLY!!!LOL

As the wise Beonce once said...(is that what she really says in the song?)...Anyway... I tried to take an erotic photo of myself today for the AdultFriendFinder website but I was dissapointed with the way the photo's were turning out... I told myself that beauty is in the eye of the beholder....What is over weight for one person may be average for another. People come in all different shapes and sizes....
With that being said....I am having a FAT DAY! I erased the photo's from my phone and I am vowing to stick to my "Work in progress - mode".

I was so excited last week when I was able to buy a Gap size 2 pants but I know that Gap and they are liars!!! I have never been able to wear this size and I think it is a consipiracy developed by their sales and marketing team to get women to buy their clothes so we women can say we fit into the smaller size so publicly we are skinnier, privately we are fatter! What a crock!

Well, I guess this is what keeps me motivated to get plenty of exercise and watch what I eat. My body is a work in progress and will always will be...

I don't want to be the "fat and happy" couple. Sorry if anyone reading this blog finds that offensive but I prefer a healthier lifestyle and expect perfection only from myself. I'm going to keep trying... Atleast I'm having a good hair day

Take care and have a great day everyone! S-

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