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12/11/2005 7:49 am

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Before I knew about this site I thought to myself that I needed to get some new friends. My husband is my best friend but you can't just do everything with your best friend all the time and no one else. It is healthy to have other friends. The girls that I know, well...? I felt betrayed by them. I wanted to remain friends but just at a safe distance.

So, I began a search for a woman who was just like me. But I had very little time to make new friends and I can't just can't seem to find her. Plus after feeling betrayed I am hesitant to befriend other women. Maybe I could be friends with a man... Is it possible to have a platonic friendship with the opposite sex? Does it always lead to romance?

Anyway, I am still looking for my twin, where ever she is...

rm_fortysfun2 54M/56F

12/11/2005 8:15 am

I can relate to not being able to have friends that you could trust. You feel you have to keep them at arms distance. I have always gotten along with men better, but its nice to have that friend that you can go do things with that not necessarily you want your significant other to go with. Or to find that friend who was in the same place in their life as you were in yours. I know those I felt I could be friends with didn't work out because they either still had young kids at home (my boy are grown) or they didn't like doing the same things as me.

I think if a man and a woman are very secure and strong in their current relationships and their significant others are secure as well. It might be possible to have that platonic relationship. But it could be a dangerous path.... Someone is bound to get suspicious, jealous....

ThoseRNice 31M

12/11/2005 8:26 am

Point of advice dont look 4 a female friend who is just like u. that always cases some confrontation because u have nothing to offer 1 another. if u have a problem and u ask her 4 help she cant because no matter wut advice she gives it will always be on the borderline of wut u were going to do anyway. also because u r so much alike u will compete more than usual. try finding a female friend who has the least in common with u. that way u wont expect to much of her to do the same as u and you wont be so dissapointed when she does something u dont like. but then again it just my oppinion. oh and if ur husband gets jelous no male friends. if he ask u who ur goin out with on a regular bases even if it with females dont get to many male friends. it will leads to problems. cus that is a sign of jelousy. but then again it wut ever

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12/11/2005 9:42 am

Friendships with the opposite sex are possible and sometimes great. I have met some great women on here that I am proud to call friend (both online AND irl, tho they don't live around the corner).

gud luck and if you want some blogging friends, why don't you join us at bloggers of this friendly site

demonicsexkitten 41F
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12/11/2005 11:01 am

Dang! i was just going to email you, but can't we're both non-paying members lol. If you are able to email me at all: send me a msg. I'm actually looking to find friends to hang out with in the area too. As my profile says, "Simply Friends". male or female.

I think men and women CAN be "just friends" though it's tricky. Because not only does the friendship itself matter, but the emotions of others involved with both of you. Also, just because one of you thinks "Just friends" doesn't mean the other, deep down, feels the same. But it's possible.

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12/12/2005 1:11 pm

Wow, read all your blogs. You do know men have similar problems with there significant others. That is why there are so many people on this site. You did make me create my own blog now. You a fish in a pond with alot of similar fish, but watch out for the sharks.

Secrets733 43F

12/15/2005 6:51 am


Thanks for suggesting mom. We were long overdue for a good chat. She's a neat lady even tho I don't feel that I should be talking to her about the intimate details of my marraige...I'll save those details for a trusted friend instead. I try to keep my family out of my marraige. I find that it is better that way.

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