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6/26/2006 6:52 pm

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7/4/2006 4:43 am


I would like to hear from anyone who considers themselves exhibitionistic. I'm curious how far a person has to go to fall into this category. Dont all adult human beings desire to be attractive? Better yet, HOT!?!? So being attractive to another...doesn't that entail being seen and arousing another human being by your sex appeal?

You could argue that there is a little exhibitionism in every grown man and woman alive...Who doesn't enjoy a long sexy stare from another beautiful human being? Do you have to show your naked body to enjoy being watched? Or to be an exhibitionist? What a rush to receive a wink...in computer land or in real life

rm_KnowStuff 56M
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6/26/2006 11:54 pm

Sure most of us would like to be considered attractive -- but what is that anyway? Everyone seems to have their own criteria for what's HOT too. I think plenty of people don't enjoy the long sexy stare when it comes from an undesirable source but agree that from someone they consider beautiful -- it's divine.

I am more voyuer than exhibitionist. Don't know if its because of upbringing or what. Don't know that I like being watched naked or not. I guess if I was more exhibitionistic, more NSA, and less into caring/feeling/relating to the attractor ... I could swing and "lifestyle" with the best of 'em. But without intimacy I don't get the appeal of all that beyond a myriad of partners eager to screw.

Quantity without quality, without connection, without the big sex organ (her brain), translates to wham-bam. I'd rather make love, connect, and relate with passion than be a footnote or a notch in a bedpost.

The wink is good - upbeat - makes a warm fuzzy - hints a possibility or opportunity. The medium it's delivered in is unimportant. What comes of it is the mystery that makes us all tingle (or cringe). The addiction is the trip from zero to "in love".

I suspect "Show me yer tits!" would be the quickest way to subzero with you (unless of course I had the coolest "must have" beads ). And then again maybe one day I convey some thought so moving so intriguing so trustworthy that it reaches your soul and maybe a relationship grows and thrives. The wink suggests the "Y'know", "More to come", "I get it", and more...

Your writing here is your exhibitionism. It's attractive/sexy/inspiring and appreciated. You've exposed much of yourself here which means more than any flashing (not that I would look away mind you). I'd like to see more of you in your words here and thank you for posing .... the uhmmm... the questions. My brain picked up on how "HOT" you are long ago.

LibertyLakeGuy 62M

6/27/2006 8:34 am

Secrets,, yes there probably is a bit of exhibitionist in all of us, and if that is you getting out of the car.... you are over the top and that is quite an exibition! You have ventured out a bit and revealed a bit about who you really are... you have started to live a bit more on the edge.

vulcan0000 46M
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6/27/2006 8:38 am

I believe most of us have a little of the exhibitionist and or voyuer in us. To me the thrill of exhibitionism comes from the fact that I am doing something that I know others would enjoy watching. The fact that they are enjoying it makes it that much more pleasing. If I were doing it in front of a group of people that didn't enjoy it, that would suck the fun of it right out. But thats just me, I'm sure some people just do it for the shock value and don't care what others think. I wish more people were exhibitionistic it would certainly make things more exciting. A little flash of something normally reserved for a different setting would definately make my blood heat up. It might even improve everyones sex lives by taking their minds off of the mundane thoughts of life that everyone has and turning them to a more exciting things. So don't cage up your inner exhibitionist because the voyuer in us would like to see it

rm_2bluestracer 61M
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6/28/2006 3:47 pm

You are soooo hot, nice to look at too.

Okay, yes… men really like to look (even us older guys). But men must be very careful when taking part in any kind of exhibitionism, and even when just looking. Women, on the other hand, are able to display more of their fine features–and both men and women seem to appreciate it…..and of course you may never hear a man say, with disgust, “She was just staring at me.”
Keep showing what you got, and we will keep looking–
The very sad thing about the world that we live in, a man must monitor the way that he might express his approval of your behavior. Even a “You look great!” may be taken the wrong way---so, for many of us, we just look. In our minds we might be screaming---WOW, is that hot–or what !!! (and thinking to ourselves --don’t stare,--- don’t wink….oohhhooo)

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6/29/2006 10:44 am

No, you don't have to show your naked body. It's actually sexier to show just a little more than you would normally see in everyday life. Like being naked in a hot tub. Seeing your breasts floating above the water of the way your skirt slides up higher when you sit down. Those are the things that will bring the appreciative glances.

Wanted to send you an email but the darn code thing doesn't show up often for me. I fit your 40 ish bill barely and like making new friends. I don't mind talking about sex or other things and if you need to blow of some steam with some innocent flirting, drop me a line. I am pretty good at this online flirting thing. Hope to hear from you. Take care

Time4ABreak4Me 41M

7/1/2006 4:40 am

Well, hey.. Visit my blog, we'll be there tonight. Ask for the location if you want.


Secrets733 43F

7/4/2006 4:43 am

Okay guys, Here is the scoop...This last picture on my blog is a cartoon!!! Can't you tell???

Anyway, I don't like to put photos of myself on this site. I don't want to be discovered. But I do like to take photos and I like to show them occasionally if I think they will please the viewer...

There are so many young beautiful people in the world it is hard to compete with all of them. Sometimes I still like to have fun and throw caution to the wind and snap a pic or two.

Time4ABreak4Me - I read some of your blog. You sound like a funny guy.
Thanks for reading mine!

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