Words Unspoken  

SecretKeeperr 48F
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12/20/2005 4:42 am

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9/15/2007 10:09 pm

Words Unspoken

Too many words unspoken
With expectation to be filled
Ask the simple questions
Learn the heart's desire
Forget about your expectations
Let "now" lite the fire

I listened to a heart broken
For more than a decade
I wondered why unspoken
The need that felt as though betrayed
So much life passes between them
Too much loving has been lost
The tender moment of their need
Was in the same moment it was lost

Who will call to creation
the flutter of excitement's burn to breathe
Who will risk the embarrassment
When what is new seems too strange
To believe

Lift your voice and risk the magic
Before the moment's lost
Cry out in quiet passion
Your longing at all cost
What is there to lose
Time just slips away

No one can read your mind
Especially when you've
Forgotten how to play
Give a little hope
Dream, if for only for now
Surrender the pride
That hides your need

smartnfun1961 55M
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12/20/2005 10:07 pm

I chase the chance that life provides
The past is done,
It is in today where life is found to hide
A song I sing,
of my heart's desire,
Of longing too long hid amidst the mire

Do you hear the song, O Muse?
It shouts of invitation, of passion, of life
The chorus is thrilling, of two mates meeting,
Will their hearts as one be beating?
My heart is an open book,
Is that not plain to see?
Give I will, I fear not,
Reveal I will, I want a lot

Tell me, O Muse, of the sound you hear
Is it not me, shouting in your ear?
A soul mate I sense in you I have found,
I open my soul, I extend my heart
A journey of discovery, passion, and joy
I entreat you to find with me
Consider the marvelous possibility

Feel the touch of my soul reaching out to you,
Let it warm you, caress you, care for you whole
Tenderness and love I have in abundance,
Completely I give, there is no reserve
Let the fire of passion glow, let the warmth of serenity grow,
Know that my heart shrinks not back,
I embrace today, the possibility of two,
This my offer I beseech you, take now

__Huntress__ 55M/57F

12/22/2005 10:06 am

It is so wonderful to welcome you back
to read again the wonder of your words ...

you will surely cast a golden glow
on all those who come this way ...


SecretKeeperr 48F
56 posts
12/26/2005 2:50 am

Huntress.... always a sweet pleasure knowing you find my rantings... filled wih meaning..

Hope your Holiday's were sepcial and delcious. ::grins::

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