Sunday mornings  

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9/18/2005 9:48 am

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Sunday mornings

I don't know exactly what it is about Sunday mornings, but for whatever reasons I am always enormously erotically charged on Sunday mornings. I've thought about this quite a bit because it seems quite contrarian, a person should be quiet, or contemplative or even spiritual on such a morning.

That might be the reason, I am this way because I am simply contrarian at times. This would an appealing answer, because it takes away the need to delve any deeper. I'm this way because I expect most people aren't, or they don't want to admit to it.

Unfortunately, I am fairly sure there is more to it. I have come to believe that for me Sunday mornings represent the time when a person focuses on that which is most dear. A slightly disturbing insight, perhaps, if this is the case. It would mean that I treasure the communion of heart, body and soul, over the more recognized form. It would suggest to others that I lack in spirituality. Yet, I know I do not need to set aside any specific time or day to remind me of the beliefs that encompass my life and existence.

So, it is Sunday morning (almost noon by now - lol), and I am anxious, restless. Once again I yearn for my own secret form of communion.

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