humans as an organism rofl.  

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1/12/2006 11:58 am

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humans as an organism rofl.

What a funny little creature humans really are, barely sentient, bipedal, with an exterior organ(skin) which has within bone, cartilage, sinew, muscle, blood, a whole mess of bag's with other necessary organs and bits in, wax [brain], and odd elements; with holes for ingesting fuel, fluid, sound and air, plus two other holes for the passing of said fuel and fluid, one of these holes though is a human necessity, being the reproduction of the species. i.e a cock and a vagina (Ooh he said vagina, must be a pervert)
And for probably six million years, humans as a developed organism has been alive; so you would have thought that by now the simple act of reproduction would be a simple honest development between two major genders, i.e male and female.
But then the human organism has an odd little character trait. It does not only enjoy the sexual reproductive act, but enjoys stimulus of said sexual organs without having the need to reproduce, i.e copulation.
So, for something like six million years, humans have been fornicating at every conceivable occasion (pun most definitely intended)
So there is nothing new about fucking, nor I imagine any new facet of fucking (ooh he said fucking twice) that will be introduced over the next six million bloody years.
And yet every generation seems to think they have discovered sex, all by themselves, and start the whole catastrophic set of pounding loins over and over again.
There are no training schools, for this human institution, at best a brief talk by a concerned parent, or the surface lightly encroached by school or religious doctrine.
See now I started at an age when most were still sucking a nipple, and in honesty there are but two types of union, to call the coming together of two minds to fornicate, there is the consensual, the non-consensual and that's about it.
Within the consensual, there again, it is split into a finite variety of unions and the only one I know of is that of totality. All or nothing.
Yyou give all that you are, in the hope that this giving will be reciprocated.
But invariably those that join in sexual congress, never quite adequately research the union before it is entered, for one reason or another.
Each breath a human takes is a step further down the Path of allotted time allowed, you have already one the lottery if you are reading this as you are here to read it, and not another, so now that from thirty million sperm that surrounded an egg, you are the human that developed from a joining of explosive proportions, at the joining at egg and sperm level, and as an individual are able to read this and in all probability understand it too.
And into this really quite mechanical act, some silly bastard introduced the concept of love, to cover the all encompassing feelings that arrive between two Ffolk when they fuck.
As humans change their own particular experiences in Life , so invariably does the sexual stimulus required to satisfy hungers and needs, so unless you are willing to learn and grow, then there will be no future for any Uunion, truth be known.........
So Ffolks if you want to be true, learn who you are and have the courage to admit it. Do not decry any Oothers for their own needs and requirements. Nor judge others by your own standards as doctrine and dogma would indicate that you do.
Yyour needs are unique and to find the O/one that you will "flourish" (Thank you My delight for that term .ws.) with, you need to be true when you discuss your and their needs , requirements, appetites.
If you do not you will fail as a Uunion.
Have the decency, manners, and heart to be true, if not you will never find the O/one that will match your Oown needs, and spend an eternity being alone and never finding true happiness, be a shallow human and that is as deep as you will find, give everything and hopefully the Fates one day will cross your Path with the O/one that was always known and always will be known.

Enjoy F/folks, expansive mood over; now to eat something that I will throw away tomorrow, down a porcelain bowl and flush out of my Life forever "grin" you'd think food would stay awhile and enjoy the journey, or does food know something Wwe don't and wants out as soon as is food'ily possibly. "chuckling"

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