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11/4/2005 7:44 am

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Wat A Dream...

Just wanting to share a dream I enjoyed the other
nite..It was wat I consider on of the best dreams Ive ever
had..It began with me riding in my car..top down and wind
in my long aubrun hair..I still can feel it right now..such
a warm June day.the sunshine felt so good on my skin..I was
traveling to where I havent a clue..I stopped overnite
in Texas..checked into a hotel, showered and prepared
to go have dinner in the hotel..get a good nites sleep and
contuine my trip very early the next morning..
As I entered the lobby I passed this very handsome man.He
appeared to be maybe in his late 40's or early 50's, and
was very attractive..He smiled and said ..excuse me Miss, I
dont mean to be foward, but im here overnite and just hate
to dine alone, and was wondering if you might want to have
dinner with me..If theres no Mr. with ya..I didnt want to
be rude, and had never just had dinner with a complete stranger
before..hummm I thought, well im alone...hes alone, so
why not..We got to the table, and he pulled my chair out
for me and I thanked him as a true Southern lady should.He
sat down across from me and the table was seculded in the
corner, with low lighting...He proceded to tell me about
his self, 51 yrs old, going thru a nasty divorce with a
wife who cheated on him after 36 yrs of marriage..He told
me he had been completely faithful thruout the marriage.At
that particular moment, I thought damn sex with the same
woman for 36 yrs..WOW!...He said he needed a drink, and
asked if I would like to have one to toast New Beginings.
The waiter brough a bottle red wine and placed it by our table
in a beautiful shinny bucket..He poured us a drink, and
we held our glasses together for a toast.*ting* went the
glasses and it was kinda romantic, yet very erotic at the
same time.We had several drinks, and had a wonderful dinner..we
laughed more than to teenagars on a first date.@};-
After dinner and a few more glasses of wine he asked if I would
like to dance just 1 dance, the hotel resturant was connected
to a bar with soft music playing...I agreed and to the dance
floor we went..I turned to him, and he placed his big hands
around my waist, pulling me close to him.He was a tall man
with peircing green eyes..If felt wonderful to be in a mans
arms.I had my arms up around his neck and our bodies swayed
with the music..he held me like I was something he was afraid
he may break, if he held me to tightly..I could feel him
trying to caress my body, and I was feeling so many different
senesations...I wanted his hands to roam my body...The
song stopped and so did our embrace.But before we could
leave the dance floor another started..one of my favorites
I said to him, bowing my head, I asked...May I have this
Dance?..I could tell the expression on his face he wanted
me in his arms once more..As we embraced this time.I took
him by the hands and placed them around my waist while looking
into those amazing green eyes..I wispered to him...*Hold
me I wont break* He pulled me to his tall frame this time much
different..his lips were in my ear, breathing on me as
if he was trying to say something to me..I ran my hands across
his broad shoulders, and down his arms, then back up..
He looked in my eyes and smiled with the most deep look...I
felt him seeing my soul, and reading my thoughts..Not
in several yrs have I had thoughts like this he said in a shakey
voice..care to share them with me? I said.
He looked at me..like he was breathing me in..his eyes were
roaming all about my face, to my hair, and down as far as
possible without letting me out of his grasp..He said Oh
Miss..I just feel I want to press my lips to urs, I want to
feel you skin through these threads we clothe our bodies
with.I ran my hand up the back of his neck, and thru his hair.And
my other hand caressed the side of his face, as I said sweetly...THEN
KISS ME PLS...He gently pressed his sweet lips to mine, parting
my lips I let him enter my mouth..our tongues met as long
lost lovers would..He pulled me tighter to him and kiss
me with such passion, my nipples bacame erect and my sweet
spot began to moisten. His hands explored my backside, from
my ass to the back of my head.He ran his fingers thru my hair
making me want him even more.
GOD I havent felt like this in yrs I said to him.He kissed
my forhead and said neither have I Miss....The song stopped, and
we returned to our table..where we finished the bottle
of wine..It seemed we stared into eachothers for long periods
at a time...finnaly I said well maybe I should hit the hay..he
agreed..and we proceeded to the elevators...We stepped
inside and I pressed 6th floor and asked wat floor...he
didnt respond...the doors closed and I repeated myself
again...Wat Floor??He stepped to me and said this elevator
floor Miss., and reached around me and pressed the stop
button..The elevator stopped, He took me in his arms, looked
in my eyes and said I need to have you here and now!The desire
overwhelmed us both..We were like savages together, He
pulled my skirt up, all the while say God I have got to have
you now..He ripped my panties from me like he was a ..I
loved him being so dominate over me..our kisses were strong
and deep, hands roaming eachothers body like we would
neve have another chance to experince the art of sex ever
again..He shoved me against the elevator wall, and as
I watched he unzipped his slacks, and slid them to his ankels...I
took his cock in my hand as we kissed, and he had my hair very
firm in his grip..He took my left leg and pulled it up around
his waist....and drove his throbbing cock hard and very
deep in my pussy...Ohhhhhhhhh! I gasped, as his manhood
filled me..Ohhhhhhh! he moaned as he held it in me for several
seconds.Then realseing he plunged it back in me even deeper..ahhhhh
we both felt the tingling senesations of passion..with
me backed in the corner, my leg around his waist..he stroked
hard and deep...holding every 4 strokes deep in me, feeling
my pussy contract on his thick cock..he said OMG..this
is more than I can take...I said just fuck me pls...hard
and fast..ohhhh yesssss thats the way..mmmmm he was fucking
me like only the man of my dreams could..I begged him to fuck
me harder and faster, telling him how wonderful his cock
was making me feel...never wanting this moment to end...our
lips were like fire..our bodies were one, melting into
eachother..The rythum we had was explosive...It was his
body plunging into mine..and My spirit was soaring...I
was so wet, the sounds cumming from that elevator must
have been amazing.His cock was swelling as my inner muscles
expanded to take him in, then gripping him as holding on
to him for dear life...It was more than we both could handle...He
threw his back and slammed himself to me..and at that moment
I felt as If I had opened up like a blooming flower and his
hot cum began pumping into me...filling me full of his staisfaction...and
me realeasing my wonderous fluids back on his member..we
both moaned in exstacy...Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Goddddddddd!!!!!!!!!!!..Im
cumming we both gasped..we moaned...we both fullfilled
the need in us...right there on that elevator...shuttering..sweating...smiling..we
composed ourselves...straightened our clothes and started
the elevator once again...I got off on my floor...and watched
his eyes as the doors closed and ended the dream of all dreams.....WHEW!!..

This was susposed to be here on my Blogs originally..but I added it to my erotic stories,and decided to put it here as well...hope you enjoyed it...*soft kisses*

SeaMist1966 50F

11/5/2005 4:34 pm

Hummmm...very insteresting blueyes...maybe we should....and hey to you to sugga..*winks*

SeaMist1966 50F

11/6/2005 1:12 am

mmmmmmmm wat a dreamn blueyes...that was fucking hot...wouldnt mind meeting you on an elevator....

SeaMist1966 50F

11/8/2005 9:49 pm

Very Handsome....Yes Very Handsome there blueyes..[/color


SeaMist1966 50F

11/17/2005 6:42 am

Thank you sugga..glad you like...always changing here..*winks*

ilovesex212005 42F

12/5/2005 8:50 am


SeaMist1966 50F

12/6/2005 5:36 am

Hi there ilovesex....ilovesex too...heheheh

rm_bigduke1182 49M

12/11/2005 7:03 am

yes i like the pic and like i said i would love to see what in the red sea. the breats rings r driving me crazy. i would love to kiss the nip on the end of those and the azz is hitting. keep of the pics i like that and the boys here in sptbg all wants to hit that some day. stay sexy ok out.

SeaMist1966 50F

12/13/2005 9:21 am

hahahaha duke is tha good Spartenburg?...hehehe damn we neighbors...im juss outside of Blacksburg...and ty fro the vote...tell all the hotties Sea says stay thick and keep smiling

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