My Mind Races!!!  

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9/6/2005 1:43 pm

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My Mind Races!!!

Ever have times when ya damn mind just wont stop? It gets the best of me sometime,Be thinking about everything from my job,to the kids and school,to bills,and worring about all my friends...shit and not to mention the boyfriend....and the the friends here!!!met some damn nice folks..male and female both. Classy has some great guys and gals there..Not always seeing eye to eye on things,but thats wat makes it so insteresting...and theres always someone who jumps in and totaly changes the topic for a few posts,and everyone kinda comes back down to discussion tbl...Very wise people posting in this group...some to damn funny..*rolf*...ill save it for later...even some rather "watery" postings..although those post turned out to insteresting..found myself clicking right on it,just to see what da hell the topic was this time!!!That group has proven to good for me in alot of ways..(THANKS TO YOU ALL CLASSY BBW)...Ive even met ppl i find myself smitten with..(wont mention any names..for i wish to be descreet for parties involved)But when i log on to AdultFriendFinder i go directly to Classy..I do not go to my mail Bad Mist..*smacks tha hand*..sometimes it takes me a few days to answer any mail..sorry im slow!I do get alot of mail here,and if i dont get back to anyone,its not that i dont find you insteresting..because if you have the balls to email me,then i should return the gesture...

Something that i dont get..Chat!!! it not a chat room?...When i go to BBW Room,not long someones wanting to go it rude to say no?I havent a problem talking in private..except "I JUST CAME INTO CHAT!!!"..I wanna see wats going on in there!..I have an enquiring mind!!...wanna talk some SHIT!,LAUGH,and read ppls handles..OMFG now thats fun to me.I see handles referring to shit i aint ever herd of,let alone done!!!...)And some guys are down right nastyyyyyyy!say hi to me and next thing i know he just might have his dick in my mouth..hahahahehehe....poor guys...Chat is awesome,and nothing better than fun adult chatting...not to dirty...hell i cant grasps the idea of asking someone to join ur network,and never saying hello to them first! in networks that i didnt know i was part hello,hi ya doing?,nada...and women...i got 2 in my network,and they both hot...but im strickly dickly...but chick emailed me and i couldnt read a damn word she typed..Spanish,i need a translator now for my Spanish mail...wish i knew wat she said,(careful wat ya wish for gurl)...could be on to something new..hell wouldnt be new to me..been there done that...long time ago tho...ahhhhh refresher course?..jk...but all in all Classy BBW is the place to be,great ppl,awesome topics,and hotties fo sho!!!!Anyone who reads this Blog,should check Classy BBW and..Classy Flirting,Empowering BBW,and the new one...HEY kj....Classy 45 plus...simlpy wonderful...hell im bucking for an annual get together...wat could be better than hanging out with all you great folks for a weekend...(groovey baby)...not to mention all the possibilities..LOL!!!..Ive had enough for now...peace,and im outta here...well at least my mind slowed down..hahahahaha

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