Hesssssssss Goneeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

SeaMist1966 50F
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12/1/2005 8:39 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Hesssssssss Goneeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yeppers...thats right hes gone..and im among the single mothers of the world...been tough the last 2 weeks ,worring about bills bills bills!!!but at least the stress of a jealous man has been removed from my life..Its me and my 2 sons again..just the way I want it..im much happier now..but the stress of a part time job and lots of bills hasent ceased yet...im looking for another job,and hopefully it will come soon...I had my Tarot Cards read and it says success is comming for me in my career and in love...well I guess we will see about that one huh..

Now my job is to pick up the pieces and contuine on for the life I want and derserve..Ima great person and im sure theres hope for me yet...hehehe...Ive been out a few times,and I had fun..but im not the parting type anymore..I want to have that someone special to look foward to at the end of my day...Does he even exist??...I think he does...I have a couple of men here on AdultFriendFinder that I have grown very fond of..and they know who they are...ranging from a District manager..to a Man who adores me..to a good ole Cowboy...and i mean a real cowboy...so now I must decide where we stand now..Im loving one of these men and I wish I knew what the future held for us..Sometimes I feel love isnt in my cards...at least till my job raising my children is complete..Is that wrong to feel this way?..maybe so...but then again maybe not..I just dont want to be hurt or to hurt anyone else...so wat am I to dew with my friends..should I let them all go?..should I choose one?..im really confused by the thoughts of not having any of them to talk to when I need to vent.Or just to make me smile or laugh when im feeling down.will I ever meet them? who knows wats gonna happen..Its crazy how life has a way of presenting us with change and challenges that are scary...Im feeling afraid these days that Ill make a wrong decision and hurt someone I hold very close to my heart...but the distance between us is a painful thing...sometimes one needs to be held and made to feel special...Its like im damned if I dew and Im damned if I dont..so the big decision is at hand..Maybe the job should be the #1 thing on my mind along with my children..then Ill think about love and passion...Passion Is the emotion I generate most being the type of woman I am..and to find a man with the same level of passion I have is scary..even more so when they are out of reach when you feel the need for them...WOW...sounds like I have major issues here.Guess im feeling guilty for having feelings for more than one man here.im getting kinda agro now so ill say Peace Out!..

Later...from Tater..*winks*

nightnsa 48M  
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12/4/2005 8:34 am

sounds like you have had a rought time...dont worry better days are ahead...keep the faith.....

rm_devoe2000 38M

1/8/2006 8:59 pm

whats up hall at me

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