Trek Expo 2006 Picture 1, partying with royalty !!  

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7/6/2006 2:21 pm

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Trek Expo 2006 Picture 1, partying with royalty !!

Left to right: JG Hertzler (General/Chancellor Martok from Star Trek Deep Space 9), Scott (me) Robert O'Reily (Chancellor Gowron from Star Trek The Next Generation & DS9 )and Julie (Z from How Star Trek got me laid part 2, blog entry 5/9/06)

As die hard star trek fans and klingon wannabees go, the bragging rights don't get much better then this. Saturday night after the convention, everyone in the photo and a few others hung out and closed the hotel bar, then went across the street to another local bar. So Julie and I got to hang out, get drunk with ,and close two bars with the former and current Chancellors of the Klingon empire. Go ahead and drool,fan-boy!

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