Oh no! She didn't go there! Part 3  

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8/21/2006 10:37 am

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Oh no! She didn't go there! Part 3

Here is the reply I should have written to her advice column posts:

She says: I was seeing a guy that I met on here for a little over a month. I told him that I wanted monogamy before we had sex. I told him about previous relationships and the last one that I was in that I got hurt really bad. (The guy would tell me that he could not see me as he was ______, then I found out that he was going into chat rooms and meeting new women.
These meetings were innocent for a while, then turned to one night stands etc. while he was seeing me.)

I say: You met me on AdultFriendFinder. this isn't e-harmony. This is a sex and swingers site. I liked you, so I thought I would get involved with you; however I never expected that I would have to pay for the sins of all your past lovers.

She said: when I spent the night with him, he would get up in the middle of the night, no morning sex as he would jump out of bed to go get on the computer. I didn’t say anything as when he would come back to bed, he would cuddle me. I love body contact. We would cuddle watching TV or in bed,
I would turn my back so that he could spoon me

I say: I wake up about 4 hours after I fall asleep. My bladder serves as an alarm clock. Usually at this time, I go and putter around on the computer for a while then go back to bed. Notice I did come back to bed with you.

She said: All last week, he started ignoring my conversations. Granted he was at work, but when he had the chance, he did not respond
to questions,

I say: Last week work got hectic, instead of sitting at my desk all day I was working in a 110 degree warehouse. When I did make it to my desk, I had to handle everything I neglected while I was in the warehouse.

She said: He chose to stay up as we both have a 15 yr old, male and female that have seemed to gravitate towards each other. I was sleeping in the living
room to keep an eye on daughter, his son was sleeping.

I say: I addressed most of this already in my side of the story. You did sleep in the living room for part of the evening, you were asleep but your daughter wasn't.

She said: He was very grumpy the next day from no sleep. Would pull away when I tried to hold his hand
etc. Then after spending 24 hours being mentally turned on and very horny, we get back and he sends me home.

I say: and this surprises you ? I was tired, annoyed and not feeling well. Personally I think I deserve a medal for not biting your head off!

She said: (We have not had sex for a week)

I say: You knew early on in the week I had injured myself at work, walking around was painful, lifting things was painful, sex would have been excruciating. You did however mention elsewhere that I went down on you, but you didn't mention that I was down there taking care of your pleasure for almost an hour.

She says: got up this morning, had errands to run in town and he says yes, he would like for me to come over when I am done. I show up, he is sleeping at noon after going to bed at 11pm the night before (??) I lay down beside him, he smiles, tells me I look very nice and goes back to sleep. he phases in and out of sleep for about 15 minutes but shows no signs of happy to see me. Does not even touch me. I tell him that i am going home since he is going to sleep he says ok no kiss no nothing. I tell him that I am upset and
mad because of this. He tells me that it matters not to him if i am there or if i am not. its over and done.

I say : you neglected to mention we had chatted at around 8 am when i first woke up that i was going to go back to sleep. Even you admit I woke up smiled at you and said you look nice. I then drifted back to sleep. You woke me up wanting a fight. I consider that being ambushed. That was the last straw. I had gone beyond the point of sacrificing my happiness for yours. So i told you exactly how it was.

She says: Since that time, i have found out that the woman he was talking to, he initiated the contact, he chatted with her for 12 hours straight on first conversation. After that is when he started ignoring me, we have not had sex since he started chatting with her (He gave me oral but not his cock.) This woman lives 1500 miles away from him, but she gets more conversation and attention then he is giving me.

I say: One has nothing to do with the other. The lack of sex was due to my injury. The long conversation with her were mostly about star trek and other sci-fi. The woman in question and myself have a great deal of common interest. That is what we were talkign about. Furthermore she lives over 1500 miles away, and has severe asthma , my heavy smoking would send her straight to the hospital. Your own insecurities are the problem, not her.

I think i can use a drink.

"We are all worms, but i like to think of myself as a glow-worm" - Winston Churchill

karaokeok79 37F
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10/2/2006 8:17 am

What a stupid bitch. self-centered and unresponsible, thank heavens shes gone. I think your much better off without her. And might I say much better with me! magnificent L

Scott_in_Tulsa 45M
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8/21/2006 3:50 pm

at J's request, i am deleting her post so that she may better remain anonymous. However i am leaving the text she posted here. She said it, she's stuck with it. :

NOw that you have had your side of it, i request once again to please do not blog about me or us. No one knew that the advise column question was about you. You are the one that put our names to all this and now that you have, out of respect for your privacy I will take them off. and I request out of respect, for you to please take these blogs about us off here. I didnt tie any of it to you but you managed to tie them all together. The ugliness could have stayed private.

"We are all worms, but i like to think of myself as a glow-worm" - Winston Churchill

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