Maybe I Should Move To Arkansas  

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8/16/2006 4:54 pm
Maybe I Should Move To Arkansas

If a couple in Arkansas gets a divorce , are they still cousins ?

As those of you who regularly read this blog know, i'm currently involved with a woman named J, who i met through this site.

Last weekend J volunteered to take my son S-jr. clothes shopping. She was taking her kids along as well.

She has a son aged 17 and a daughter aged 15, the same age as my son.

Apparently my son and J's daughter hit it off very well.

After shopping they spent the rest of the day hanging out at J's house and playing video games, and just being young teenagers in general.

J's daughter has informed J and I that she would like to start dating my son. My son also likes this idea.

J and I however have some serious reservations about this.

Since nobody is of any blood relation to each other, and I don't plan on co-habitating with J anytime soon, there really isn't any incest issues.

Both of our kids are of the age and maturity level that limited and supervised dating can begin.

They're both good kids, for the most part. Neither is into drugs, or gangs or any of the other stupidity that a teenager can fall into.

However they both have raging hormones. I'm aware that my son is sexually active, and I strongly suspect that if J's daughter isn't, she will be very soon.

So with that in mind, we're considering things like afternoon movies. Lunch dates, park picnics, etc. A few double dates, then perhaps we will drop them off and pick them up.

As parents we don't want them having sex , since neither of us want to become grandparents.

There is the argument that if it's not with each other, it'll be someone else.

And i know that all two horny teenagers need is a slight measure of privacy and 15 unsupervised minutes to be getting it on.

We also have considered that sleepovers are a bad idea unless J and I don't sleep together either. i can easily see one saying to the other "Your mother is in there with my dad screwing, why shouldn't we ?"

Oh, parenting is soo much fun !
Someone please shoot me now!

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