Driver Discipline  

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7/6/2006 5:02 pm

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Driver Discipline

It's happened to all of us at one time or another, a rude inconsiderate driver pisses you off with their tailgating, or cutting you off, or some other idiocy.

Today was my turn for a little payback.

I'm driving down the expressway, running some errands for work. I'm about to change lanes when i notice there is a newer convertible Volkswagen bug in the other lane. I'm in the company van, which is a huge land-barge, so gunning it isn't really an option. I take my foot off the gas to let them pass. They start slowing down too. So i speed up , my exit is rapidly approaching. They speed up too. I look in my mirror and i can see the driver, who appears to be in his late teens , early 20's, and is shaking his head "no" and laughing. His friends appear to be having a good time at my expense as well.

I miss my exit. As a gesture of my appreciation , i flipped him off. They of course, respond in kind.

I figured it was over and I'd just get off on the next exit and head back a mile. But NO! these assholes aren't done yet. They zip past me and cut me off by changing 2 lanes across me and slowing down to get beside me and yelling obscenities at me.

I'd had it with these idiots, i'm in a vehicle twice their size and maybe 1/10th their value. It was time to press my advantage. i started drifting over in their lane forcing him closer and closer against the wall. The driver then mashed his brakes for a second forcing me to shoot ahead. They weren't laughing anymore.
I wasn't done yet. I took my fresh 44 ounce soda and took the lid off of it, held it out the window and poured out the contents while changing lanes. Their top was down, the passengers and the car were covered with my Pepsi. Now it's my turn to laugh. I cut across several lanes and took the next exit. They weren't able to follow me due to lucky timing and other traffic.

Assholes! ... they had it coming !

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