A blast from the past...  

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7/12/2006 11:42 am

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A blast from the past...

An old friend and former employee of mine stopped to visit today> It was great seeing an old friend doing well in life.

I remember when I first saw Vlad. I was trying to become involved with a girl named Crystal. Crystal and I went to high school together, but never developed anything more then a friendship.

Anyway, she was seeing this guy from Russia who was here on a student visa. He was taking something ubergeekish at MIT. She wanted to know if I could use some help at the shop, she told me that Vlad was good with computers.

So being shorthanded, I told her to send him in for an interview.

So anyway, a couple of days later, Billy comes to me and says "there’s a gentleman here to see you about a job". I tell Billy "send him in".

In walks this young man who looked like he stepped straight out of alternative music video.
Wearing camouflage pants and an obnoxious t-shirt.
Hair dyed stark black with a neon pink streak running down the front. Combat boots and fingernails painted black.

I was thinking to myself "oh hell no, he will scare more customers then anything else"

He introduces himself in a very heavily accented voice "hi, I’m Vlad".

So I talk to him, and quickly come to discover he's a rather bright fellow, his main drawback is his youth and fashion sense. Anyway, I hired him, but explained to him he has to stay in the tech room away from the customers.

He was a great employee, very productive, brilliant worker. A true asset to the team. As time past, he left to pursue other opportunities and is now working for a company that provides wireless internet to a great deal of the Oklahoma area. He's since developed a more rational look as well.

Anyway, it was great seeing him. He and I will be conducting a great deal of business in the future.

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