A Fairy Tale ... or.. What Really Happened to the Dragons!  

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A Fairy Tale ... or.. What Really Happened to the Dragons!

Once upon a time in a magical kingdom, there was this beautiful princess. She enjoyed strolling through the woods and meadows, looking at all the wonders nature had to offer.

Her father the king, often would warn her not to venture too far outside the castle's walls. He was a concerned father. But like many young people, she did not heed the wisdom of her father's warnings and would venture far and wide.

One day she was noticed by a passing dragon, who swooped down and spirited her away to his lair.

As you might imagine, the king was rather upset by this, so he summoned all the young men in the kingdom, and held a contest to find the bravest and strongest one. This champion he then sent to rescue his daughter.

After stalking his prey for many days and nights, he finally came upon the dragon's lair. Being a honorable warrior, he woke the sleeping dragon and challenged him to combat for the princess.

The battle was fiercely fought, neither side giving any quarter to the other. Finally though the dragon was slain.

The victorious knight, then returned the princess to her father, who rewarded the gallant lad with her hand in marriage.

And they all lived happily ever after.

Nice story, eh ? Not really, let's pull back the fairy tale curtain and see what's really going on..

We shall closer examine the brave lad, who is the fool of this story, the princess who is the villain, and the dragon who is the tragic victim. Granted the lad is a victim too, but he's a fool and had it coming.

The lad who won the contest never stopped to consider what he was fighting for, namely the chance to fight a dragon. I don't know how many dragons you might have faced, but they're tough.
I strongly suspect the other contestants were not very motivated to win.

Further supporting that the lad was a fool, consider that he woke the dragon. Very honorable, yes, but extremely bad strategy as well. If you are going to fight something that would consider you a light snack at best, why give up any advantage ?

As for that poor dead dragon, he didn't mean any harm in grabbing the princess. Dragons are creatures of nature and as such, they follow their nature. Dragons collect pretty things. Obviously he thought the princess was pretty.

The princess is truly the villain of this story, her disobedience of her father caused this whole mess in the first place. Furthermore, she could have snuck out on the sleeping dragon at any time. She wanted to see some guy risk life and limb for her amusement.

Now you might wish to point out that the lad was given the princesses hand in marriage, so it was a happy ending after all for everyone but the dragon. I don't think so!

After slaying the dragon, the lad and the princess rode back to the castle. This was a long journey, on horseback after a very fierce battle. There was no way that princess was making it back to the castle as a virgin. So the king really had no choice but to marry them. He could of had the brave lad executed, but that would make him a very unpopular king.

So now you have a shotgun wedding between a commoner and the princess. The only happy people here are the guests who get free food and drink.

And do you think the princess was understanding to the commoner's lack of class ? Or that the lad didn't mind the princess' constant nagging ? This was not a happy home.

Can you guess the moral of this story ?

There would be more dragons in the world if women weren't such princesses.


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SweetlyCorrupted 34M/37F

2/17/2009 7:13 am

I'm partial to dragons and glad to see the "truth" behind fairy tales! I always knew they got the short end of the stick


Lil_Lady2007 48F

2/16/2009 3:55 pm

Bwahahahahahaha....Darling, you slay me.

~The Dragon Princess

jessicarabbit35 41F

10/7/2007 5:19 pm

That's good.Always had a soft spot for dragons.

I'm glad you stopped crying. It unnerves me when men cry. Unless I'm the one making them cry....j/k

Now answering comments!jessicarabbit35

Scott_in_Tulsa 45M
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10/7/2007 10:49 am

nobody loves me enough to leave a comment here ? i think i'm gonna cry!

Ok all better now

"We are all worms, but i like to think of myself as a glow-worm" - Winston Churchill

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