A fantasy......  

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7/30/2005 7:42 pm

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A fantasy......

My hubby and I drive out of town to Enchanted rock! It is a long drive from where we start, but in the end well worth it. We have left the kids with Grandma so no worries. The drive is uneventful and we are having a great time shooting the breeze + listening to music!! We look at each other and say out loud at the same time "We should do this more often" and begin to laugh!! "Get off my brain wave I say" he just laughs! We do that all the time! We pull into the park and pay the entry fee. Once parked we pull out our supplies: blanket, cooler, backpacks w/all the regular stuff! oh and of course the cell phone + first aid kit just in case! LOL hehehehe!!!!! Start hiking up the rock when he says "Man it is beautiful up here". When we are almost all the way up I get really winded and have to stop. I walk over about 20feet from my sweetheart to sit down under a tree and rest, when I realize I have sat down next to the entrance of a small cave! Not just any cave it was not completely in closed (so I guess not technically a cave), but was made up of several different huge boulders lying on each other. I convince my honey to climb into the cave and see if there are any snakes etc.....well this is Texas! There was alot of light coming through the cracks between the boulders so not to threatening. He grabs the flashlight and goes in......comes out screaming!!!! No just playing! He comes out a few mins later and says "Ok we are good to go hot stuff". We climb in and begin to set things up! LOL (I make it sound like brain surgery) I just mean lay out the blanket and light the candles we brought! We start to get the food out to eat when we both give each other the look! He leans over and whispers in my ear "I want you here now"! I of course blush and say "Oh no we cannot do that here"! He again leans over and whispers in my ear "I am going to eat your pussy till you cum on my face. I want to fuck you from behind till my cock slides into your pussy farther and farther making you scream"! While he is whispering these things in my ear I begin to realize I am really wet and he has been massaging me through my jeans. He begins to undo his jeans, pull out his penis and start to play with himself! I can't at this point contain myself any longer I move slowly forward giving him the "Oh so Innocent" look while stroking his balls with my fingertips. I move down towards his cock and slowly place it in my mouth. I begin to lick the sides of the shaft all the way down to the base like a big lolly pop. Then I start to lick down under his penis, he loves it when I suck on his balls so of course I put them slowly meaningfully in my mouth. I play with each one individually licking the sides and sliding my tongue across them while they sit in my mouth! He starts to moan while his cock slides further and further down my throat. He begins to thrust and fuck my mouth with his hand on the back of my head he pushes it farther! I can tell he feels like he wants to cum and at that point he pulls me off flips me over and begins to eat my pussy. He starts off slowly licking and kissing my thighs then begins to take my clit into his mouth and suck oh so gently on it! I start to moan and raise my hips toward him, he responds by pushing his face deeper and deeper into my pussy! I begin to tremble and sense his every move.... As my hips move in time with him he moves his tongue over me faster and deeper till I think I am going to explode! At this moment I begin to feel a sense of euphoria overcome me and my cum starts to flow out all over his face! He raises up face wet and glistening that look of pure contentment + goofy grin! He again flips me over and begins to push his cock deeper and deeper into me. Pulsating with lust for his one true love, I begin to scream with pleasure. He grabs my breasts and pumps me harder, while his other hand slowly moves towards my ass. He begins to play with my ass and I wriggle with excitement! He then stops fucking me and starts to smack my ass a few good times! (I have to admit I love that hehehehe) He fingers my ass until I begin to beg for it. He then pulls out his penis and smacks my ass with it a few times before placing it in my bum. Sliding into me deeper and deeper, inch by inch we begin to move together, he starts to moan and I can tell he is close! He continues to pump while I reach behind to massage his balls while he cums inside me! I can feel his penis tremble and pulsate inside me which brings me to climax! We stay in that position for at least a min or two before collapsing beside on another with huge goofy grins all sweaty and hot. We hold each other for awhile grateful for the time alone and the great "O"!! Slowly we get up and begin to get our clothes back on or at least some of them and eat our lunch.

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8/24/2005 10:04 pm

i just finished reading this and my dick is so damn hard... thanks..daniel

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