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Working Out 1

While my daughter was attending college down in Southern California, I had the awful experience of being called on a Sunday night to find out she had been in an auto accident on her return trip for the start of the Spring Semester. Her vehicle was totaled somewhere near the top of the Grapevine and she had been transported by ambulance to the nearest hospital located in Bakersfield with severe injuries to her right leg. Acting purely on adrenaline, I flew home as quickly as possible, packed my bags and started on a long foggy drive from the San Francisco area, down Interstate 5 toward Button Willow, the closest cross highway to Bakersfield.

She was being treated by the county hospital and like most generic county facilities, I found this one had its share of low income families in need of various forms of medical attention when I arrived in the emergency room entrance. It took about a half hour before they connected with enough hospital personnel to get me up to the operating room area that she was waiting in to be attended to for a broken leg bone that had penetrated her skin. She looked like hell but all I could say to her at the time were reassuring words that she would pull through and everything would be alright. She being the pre-med student proceeded to explain to me all that she knew about her injury. They wheeled her into an operating room and I spent the next several hours trying to find a comfortable fit in those hard plastic chairs that are connected in such a way as to form a row.

Once her operation was completed and they were ready to move her to a recovery room, I set up with the nursing staff to sleep in her room on one of those convertible chair/bed things. They may seem to provide a surface to sleep on but trust me that they are not meant for a full night’s sleep and it reminds you every chance it can that you really should be in a regular bed. The nurses were sure to check her vitals on regular intervals and this included waking us both up at those moments so that neither of us got much sleep that night.

Fighting the need for sleep in sharp contrast to the nurses rounds, I decided to take a walk through the corridors seeing as I wasn’t going to get any rest during their rounds of administering pain medications and IV drip checks. I noticed that the nursing staff included a particularly fine looking gentlemen in similar nurses scrubs that had begun a new shift. His rounds included my daughter’s room and we had a certain eye contact that spoke of a common interest. During my wanderings of the hospital floor, we happened to bump into each other as I rounded a corner. As we played the appropriate apology game I came to find out his name was Emanuel and that he was performing his nursing duties during the graveyard shift while studying to be a Physician’s Assistant during the day. We shared more than just that nursing floor but also a keen interest in the male anatomy outside the confines of the medical profession or at least our eye contact and innuendos eluded to that.

His eyes were a dark cinnamon color of brown and he had a nice moustache and goatee that encircled his full lips. He was the picture of physical fitness with broad shoulders, trim abs under that nurses pull over, and a firm round ass that teased the seams of his scrub pants. A slight amount of chest hair was peeking out from his pull over and I could tell his preference was to avoid t-shirts as his nipples were tenting his cotton shirt slightly as the hospital tended to keep things a bit on the cool side. Emanuel had muscular forearms with a fair amount of soft hair and when I shook his hand I could feel that manly grip that spoke of how certain he was about his masculinity. He stood about 5'8" and had a dark complexion that was common for most Hispanic men. I asked if he ever got breaks on his busy schedule and he confirmed that he was due for a coffee break and gestured to one of his co-workers that he would be back in about 15 to 20 minutes.

It was approaching 3 a.m. and the hospital was all but quiet now except for the sound of a lone Gurney being pushed back to the ground floor where the emergency room was located. I followed Emanuel through the corridors and down a flight of stairs to the 2nd floor medical offices. We reached a physical therapy unit and he ushered me inside one of the offices. Inside was a collection of weight machines, thick rubber tubing used for low impact resistance therapy, therapy tables, and hydro therapy baths. Emanuel explained that these facilities were strictly used during normal business hours and that the janitorial crew had already made their rounds so we were alone in this play land of pseudo gym work out equipment. As he adjusted a few weights on the Triceps pull down machine, he demonstrated his fine muscle tone in his arms and shoulders as he made quick work of a few repetitions. His movements were restricted by the unforgiving cotton shirt and so to alleviate this, he whisked his shirt off over his head exposing a beautifully sculpted chest and abs.

Being the no nonsense sort of guy that I am, I wasted no time in idle banter and made a B-line to his erect nipples. They were calling my name by now whether it was audible or not and of course I had to oblige by clamping my lips on those hard buds of man nectar. Like miniature penises, they responded in turn with becoming tight and ridged begging me to use my teeth to continue the process of trying to milk them like a mother’s breast. Emanuel was at this time loosening the draw string to his scrub pants and I was in turn helping his pants clear the firm round mounds of flesh that represented his butt. As those light weight cotton pants fell to the floor, it was then that I realized that this solid hunk of a man was without underwear. Why I hadn’t noticed before while we were chatting up on the previous floor, I have no idea. I quickly began removing my clothes but keeping a keen eye on this dark adonis’ cock which had a slight curve heavenward with an arrow shaped head.

Emanuel was one that enjoyed the art of manscaping and his chest, abs, and crotch showed the results of a well trimmed man. He also had a liking to shaving his balls as I noticed their hairless state hanging there full and low in their sac. His pubes were trimmed to the base of his shaft leaving a well manicured bush to sit atop of this excellent specimen of a cock. I quickly fell to my knees engulfing his entire 7 inch shaft down to the root and moaning like a man lost at sea without food or water for days. My drool began to flow down his balls so I used one of my hands to steady his cock shaft as the other massaged his balls with the extra saliva. Interesting enough, Emanuel had a thing for gym equipment and while I was suckling on his thick cock he began to work his triceps again with the weight machine we were standing in front of. Realizing that his man’s body was now in a state of confusion, not knowing where to send his blood flow to, would I get his energy from my efforts on his cock or would his arms win out and I would end up with nothing. This made me suck ever more diligently on that man muscle which caused him to wain in his triceps work out.

As the saliva I produced was being massaged into his balls, I found his legs were drifting apart and my fingers were able to massage the saliva into his very willing ass hole. My hands were now finding new usefulness in holding and massaging those firm butt cheeks. A light fur covered his ass that felt heavenly under the touch of my hand. One hand was working his hole with the tips of my fingers slipping into that love canal every now and again while the other hand was massaging that lightly furry ass cheek. Emanuel motioned for us to move to the chest press bench and he continued to adjust weights and then took his position on his back with is legs spread wide and the chest press bar abouve his head. I continued my work on his stiff cock and though I couldn’t massage his furry ass cheek in this position, my other hand could still work my saliva in and out of his fuck hole. I noticed that Emanuel’s breathing heightened slightly whenever I would penetrate his ass hole with my finger and so I began a deliberate attempt to include most of 1 digit, then 2, and finally I got up to three fingers in his ass up beyond my knuckles. I kept a steady rhythm of finger fucking action to align with my sucking pattern.

Eventually, Emanuel began his repetitions of chest presses and after a few reps, he brought his knees to his chest allowing me full access to his wonderfully pink rose bud of an ass hole. It begged to be licked and sucked and so I through myself into my work lapping at his masculine ass. He was the perfection of clean and his ass reflected his attention to detail. My tongue was soon replacing the fucking action that my fingers were previously performing. Nothing tasted as good as this man’s ass and I was intent on enjoying ever minute I could, filling my nostrils with the aroma of this man’s scent. His sphincter relaxed allowing my tongue greater penetration. I obliged and shoved my tongue as deep as I could into that fiery hole. God this was great, licking his ass crack, tossing his clean shaved balls with my tongue, sucking each testis into my mouth and fondling them with my tongue. I was out of my mind with lust for this man’s body. My cock was dripping precum and begging for the attention of at least my hand. I specifically neglected touching my cock so that the need to release would be even more demanding. Eventually I spat on my cock and matched the slickness of Emanuel’s ass hole. His fuck hole was sufficiently moist and my tongue could discern that there was sufficient space for my thick cock to penetrate.

I slowly lifted myself over his body, using my tongue to trace the way to his nipples, being sure to spend an adequate amount of time sucking and nursing on those chocolate kisses, and then licking to his neck and then his full lips. As our lips touched and our mouths parted, our tongues began a sweet dance, a wrestling match of who would invade who’s mouth. My 8 inch rod was now poised at that well licked and lubricated fuck hole of his and was now pushing its way into the next phase of this love dance. His pucker was giving way to the force of my cock as I eased my dick slowly into that warm fuck hole. This man was a gem when it came to takingig meat up his man pussy and there wasn’t the slightest grimace when my cock made it’s way past his sphincter. Listening to his moans of encouragement I continued to plunge my hard rod deeper into his love canal, inching back ever so often to gain more torque and to savor the feeling of having my cock swallowed by this man’s fabulous anal cavity. After having reached the base of my pole, our lips were again brushing each other in a dance, a sort of sexual whisper if you will. This only caused my cock to harden even more and a surge of animalistic behavior over took me and I plunged both my pelvis and my tongue into this man as hard as I could. It was as if I wanted my tongue to sink deep enough into his mouth as to touch the tip of my cock that was also reaching up as high as it could into this man’s inner body.

We began a melodic moan and fuck session that seemed to go on for hours though I’m sure it was only about 20 minutes. I rested in between reps, if you will, the gym work out was now happening between my cock and Emanuel’s ass. You could tell both our body’s muscles, his ass, my cock, were getting quite the work out and would be felt for hours or days after we were finished. We would switch between my sucking on his nipples, to licking and caressing his neck, to deep passionate kisses, all the time continuing the rhythmic bounce between my pelvis and his ass cheeks.

Emanuel was one hot fuck. I love guys that can maintain a hard dick while getting their ass pounded for long sessions by my cock. This man maintained a hard on that most oral bottoms would die to get their lips around. If it was at all possible, I was considering how I would get this man home to my bed and arrange a 3 way with my partner, who was quite the chow hound when it came to cock sucking. I figured I would bring up the subject much later this evening to see if he was ever in the San Francisco area but for now I was content on nailing his ass 1 on 1 right now here in this therapy room in the hospital. All throughout this sexually charged fuckfest, I never once thought about the reason I was in this hospital in the first place. Does that make me a bad father or just a sex pig needing to eat and fuck ass whenever possible. Maybe it was the shock of having seen my daughter in such a broken state, of the numerous possible out comes that this auto accident could have had including her untimely death. Nevertheless, my concentration on this young nurse of a stud never broke, never drifted to my daughter’s unfortunate circumstances, during any of the time we shared in the new use or translation of this “therapy room”. Yes, this man’s motives may have been healing in another way but I was happy to take his tender care to heart (or to cock as the case may be).

Beads of sweat had built up on my forehead and down my back. I could feel the trickle of perspiration making its way down the crack of my ass and that only added to the sensual feelings that were surging through my body now. I could feel the mounting climax in my groin and it wouldn’t be long now before I was filling this man’s fuck hole full of my semen. The same seed that created that adult child of mine lying up there in a recovery room was about to be poured into this adonis’ ass. I could tell by Emanuel’s deeper breathing that it wasn’t going to be long before he shot his geyser of a load of spunk too. My fuck pattern had picked up momentum and I was now arching my back to drive my cock head deeper and deeper into this bowls with each stroke. There was no longer a separate feeling of his anal walls versus my thick shaft, we had co-mingled our body heat, our friction, our passion in such a way as to become one. We were joined in a way that seemed inseparable and with every downward plunge I felt my balls tighten ever closer to my pelvic bone. This was it, this was the moment that earth and sky and time stood still. That moment when something within you wells up and begins to unzip a torrent of feelings. All stress releases from your body. Like a volcano it pours out into the room. The only sounds are guttural beastly moans that vary in volume and bravado. Our collective noise should have set off motion detectors or at the very least alerted the hospital security that someone was being attacked. Instead, our little hideaway became our animal den, our sanctuary of sacrificial sex, where a higher spiritual plain is reached together.

My cum never felt so hot as it did being spewed into this man’s ass. I felt as though lava was shooting from my fuck tool and part of me wanted to apologize for hurting him in any way. Although one look to Emanuel’s face and cock told me he too was a bit lost in the eruption of his own hard cock. Jizz was flying out of his thick cock, into his hair, onto his face and chest. His tongue darted out of his breathless mouth to lick the jizz that landed on his lips. His eyes were half shut but I could tell that they were rolling into his sockets lost in the moment. The volume of moans had decreased and we were both just reveling in the after glow having lost what seemed like a quart of our bodily fluids in this lustful moment. Had this been on film, it would have sold a thousand copies on its first release. I’m not one to be proud of my performance when it comes to sexual matters, however, I always take a certain amount of pride whenever my dick is able to produce such sensations to a man’s prostate as to not require him to touch his cock in order to achieve an orgasm. When our fucking had subsided, I realized I had never once seen Emanuel touch his own cock in order to spew his hot spunk. To that thought, I smiled, and bent down to kiss my hot lover deeply, feeling his spunk smear between us like a blood brother oath. Our bodies were now glued together.

I whispered in his ear that I thought we should try this again some time, letting him know that my daughter would be in this hospital state for a few days. He insisted on rearranging his nursing schedule to coincide with her stay and even went so far as to plan on having a conversation with the head nurse to make sure his rounds included my daughter’s room so as to keep a special eye on my daughter’s (really it was my) needs. As the week progressed, Emanuel and I found various other places in the hospital to repeat our initial sexcapade and added many other fascinations and satisfied many of our other desires until the time that my daughter was discharged from the hospital. The unfortunate ending to this event is that I was never able to get him to consider a weekend up in the San Francisco area but my daughter was able to return to a somewhat normal school routine with a few modifications.

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Hot story! Would have liked to have been there. Either recieving or giving. The story definitely made me hard.


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verrrry hot, my ass is yours any time you like!

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Always up for another ass pounding moment. You can reach me at AdultFriendFinder

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