Sex with a Bi Guy  

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11/16/2005 11:05 pm

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Sex with a Bi Guy

I'll soon be 47 this month and I've found that my sexual encounters over the past 5+ years have increased and improved since sheding a few extra pounds - namely, my ex-wife.

That may sound cruel. Consider this - I had an affair with my best man a year before my wedding, my ex-wife found out and still wanted to proceed with the wedding, then I was married for over 20 yrs and was faithful to our marriage the entire time. Though I purchased a couple of porn mags in the early years and fanatized on a regular basis, there were never any moments when infidelity was a possibility. So when my children were grown and I found myself tele-commuting from home and having access to the internet on a regular basis, I suppose it was just a matter of time before I'd tapped into one of these sites where you could meet people to hook up with.

That was over 5 years ago. I've been with my share of men but over the past couple of months I've met this Bi Guy. I often thought of myself as being Bi seeing as I had no problem being married to a woman, having sex, raising children, doing the straight married thing (while fantasizing about men). But since I've had my taste of man on man sex, I've sort of given up on the whole "pussy" chase and now just focus on cock and ass. For the sake of privacy, I won't use the guy's name or ad handle on this site - I'll just refer to him as T.

T and I chatted, teased, oggled, and flirted with one another until we finally got our schedules to align and met at his standard local motel for a couple of hours of naked discovery. I suppose part of my interest was whether sex with a Bi guy would be any different than sex with a gay man. His ad indicated he was "versatile" and since I'm not usually looking to get fucked, my objective was a bit of cock sucking, ass eating and hopefully a chance to fuck his ass with my 8" cock. When I met him at the motel room, he was already in the shower. I found him cordial and friendly. Sort of a huggable bear without the excess fur. I'm usually looking for guys about my height and weight - T was a bit more full than I'd prefer but I always figure, like a lot of things in sex, it's how you use what you got.

Having just gotten off work, I took the opportunity to jump into the shower after he was done and clean up. I guess I was surprised to not find him jumping back into the shower with me. That shows true restraint on the part of any horny guy looking to score. When I was done, I actually go to dry off. I found T layed out on the bed patiently waiting. We were instantly like two school friends rubbing our naked bodies against one another. I love the feeling of a guy's furry chest and belley against mine. I'm less furry than most but definately not hairless by no means. I love burying my face into a man's hairy chest, the smell of a slight scent of manliness around his pits or crotch.

Kissing is a big turn on for me and I love to kiss and often. T is a big time oral guy and loves to use his lips and tongue all over his lover's body. Because his ad indicated his intentions were to explore every inch of my body with his lips and tongue, I gave up control of the moment and allowed him to do his thing. Man, was that a great decision. T was true to his ad - he tenderly caressed every curve and nip of my body. His tongue litterally ignored my cock until he was satisfied with the rest of my body including a very long session of eating my ass and shoving his tongue up my hole. Laying there on my stomach and having T eat my ass hole so well made my buck up into his tongue. I was almost reconsidering having this lovable bear fuck me with his cock and I hadn't even tasted it yet.

Enought time had gone by that I needed to turn the tables and taste this man like he had tasted me for the past 20 minutes. So, in little time, we were in opposite positions and now I was exploring his hairy body with my lips and tongue. Unlike T, I couldn't wait to get his cock in my mouth and it tasted great. Every cock is different and T's was no exception. It's curve was in reverse to what I'm used to but the shape and size fit nicely and I was able to get the entire length of it shoved down my throat. I love licking a guy's balls and eating out his ass. It didn't take me long to follow my nose down to his ass and raise his legs for a better angle to his hole.

I guess because he's Bi, I figured I'd be wrestling this position and sexual encounter for a while and that his pucker would be tight. Ahhh, but just the opposite was true, T had the most willing ass hole I've encountered in a while. His pucker relaxed to the encouragement of my tongue very very well. I kept thinking to myself... "if I didn't know better, I would think this guys is a true gay bottome passing himself off as Bi just for the sake of reeling in the straigth dudes..." I must have spent about a good 10 minute eating his ass, fucking his hole with my tongue, getting him good and loose and wet. When I was done, I asked if he would let me fuck his hole - to which he replied "absolutely!".

I climbed around and raised his legs in the air after applying a small amount of lube to my hard cock. Before I knew what I was doing, I had slipped my bare cock into his ass hole and slid in almost all the way. T winced just a bit and then we slowly pushed my 8" cock the rest of thw way in. At that point I asked whether he wanted me to use a condom - so I pulled out and whipped on a glove, a bit more lube, and back to his ass my cock returned. Filling this man's fuck hole felt so right. The best part about fucking a guy that enjoys getting fucked is seeing his cock stay hard. Not that I'm concerned about whether he goes limp during the process of getting fucked. Most guys do have a similar reaction to having their as filled but once they get into the pleasure of my cock hitting their prostate, they usually return to a nice rigid tool themselves.

It was so nice not having to wrestle to get my cock into his hole or fight an overly tight sphincter muscle once I was in there. T had the perfect combination of tight, smooth, slickery warmth that I love about fucking a guys ass. His legs were flexable enought to allow me to press my body into his and enjoy a few long passionate deep tongue kisses while my cock remained deep in his bowls. I also love to get a bit of lube on one of my free hands and stroke a guys cock while I'm stroking their prostate my cock at the same time. T seemed to really enjoy this and though it didn't produce any climatic results, it was a nice rythm of cock stroking none the less.

Eventually my body gets so charged from being inside a mans hole like that - there's no other course than to pick up a faster pace. Feeling my balls slap agains T's ass cheeks always springs my orgasm to churn faster. I grip T's ankles so that he's now a Thanksgiving day wishbone and start slamming his ass for all I'm worth. This guys is so fucking hot - not in the GQ model sort of way but the sensual and sexiness of him and my cock just pounding away at his tight hole just sends me. I'm working up such a sweat while my ass muscles are clenching with each thrust into this horny bear. T's got his hand on his own shaft and he's pounding that rod as fast as I'm pounding his ass with my cock. I'm driving him hard. The grunts and gutteral sounds coming from our motel room might be heard in the neighboring rooms but what the hell do I care. I've got this man's ass tightly around my dick and I'm breeding him on that mattress.

I still can't believe I'm fucking this Bi guy - another man that's prone to fucking women as well as men. His AdultFriendFinder ad photo is what caught my eye. A wonderful shot of a cluster fuck that he enjoyed. T's on the bottom with his hard cock stuffed in this guy's ass and T's low hangers just begging to be licked. The guy he's fuck has a nice set of balls and his cock is shoved up his own wife's pussy. They look a freakin' sex totempole. Now, here I was stuffin' this man's ass - the same guy that usually stuffing someone elses ass or pussy from this site. I fuck him for a good couple of minutes at this pace when I can't hold off any longer. I let loose a week's worth of cum into that condom wishing all the while that we could be in a day and age that my milk could be spewing inside this man's gut. Then I'd truly be breeding this Bi guy's ass for sure. I pause for a moment while he continues to beat his meat and watch his glorious fountain of cum errupt all over his belly and chest. I colapse onto his goo and hug and kiss him with my cock still in his ass.

We lay there for a few minutes until my deflating cock falls out of his ass with a plop. We both shower again and then lay on the bed to chit chat about different stuff. Mostly about the guys and couples he's been with as I find that so facinating about his life.

Since then we continue to chat and we've tossed around the idea of getting together a 3 way with some of his other AdultFriendFinder connections. T's not someone that I long for every night but I enjoy our friendship and casual chats and the fact that we can get naked if we want and get each other off and it doesn't mean anything. He's still very much into the ladies and I have no interest in going down that road with him but I probably would be curious to try doing a 3way with T and the husband of a couple while the wife watched if she's into that sort of thing. I suppose I have a bit of exabitionist in me so I'm not usually put off by someone watching. I've also told T that I might want to get my ass stuffed with his cock sometime when I get the itch. He's been kind enough to remind me there's no pressure. That's what I like about T.


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