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Finding some one worth while to play with can be a challenge in and of itself. There are other man for man sex sites on this big world of internet relationships and I was fortunate to connect with a very hot shaved head dude in the past several months. This guy’s about 6 years older than me, approaching his mid-fifties, but you’d never be able to tell that based on his great looks, smooth skin, hard body and fabulous cock and ass. His pics on the sex site showed a very discrete naked upper body with a well developed muscular chest and tight abs. His rear view pic had me contacting him immediately - his tight work out shorts or swim trunks had been slipped down to expose a very white but firm set of ass cheeks that just screamed “fuck me, fuck me”. We chatted a couple of nights and finally exchanged phone numbers so we could chat in person.

One afternoon I took some time away from work and went for an afternoon walk. Feeling extremely horny with the sun beating down on me, I decided to give this guy a call to see if he was for real. He had a very nice voice and was very easy to arouse over the telephone. I told him I needed his ass around my cock soon and we decided that there would be an opportunity coming up the next night or two. We eventually confirmed that date and I made sure to stop at my local gym after work to freshen up. I called him from the gym and found out that he was running a bit late from his doctor’s appointment. I told him I’d stop and pick up a little bottle of my favorite lube. With the diversion and the amount of time it would take to travel the 40 miles to his place in Hayward, we should arrive at his place at the same time. This entire call was done naked in the mens locker room at my gym and I think everyone near me probably thought I was hooking up with some hot lady that I was planning on pounding all night. I chuckled to myself knowing that it was his ass that I was planning on pounding.

I made my stop at the local adult bookstore, purchased a few mags and some ID Millennium lube and started my trek to Hayward after work on a Friday night. His directions were pretty clear but it was nice to have the cell phone to guide me in when I got closer to his place. He lives in a trailer park of all places smack in the middle of a older residential area not too far form the BART station. The neighborhood was decent enough and there were newer 2-story homes built just around the corner from his trailer park entrance. The park was nicely manicured and the double and triple wide homes showed a lot of attention to detail, modernization, and great maintenance. I could see why this was his choice place to hang out. He had just purchased the place not many months before and so he wasn’t quite all the way moved in. He was in the middle of some home improvements but I could see he had quite a jewel on his corner site.

When he answered the door he greeted me in just shorts and no shirt and a cast on his right leg. Now I understood his needing to see his doctor. He had torn his Achilles tendon playing rachet ball and had just had surgery to reattach the damaged body part. He was on crutches but I could tell he wasn’t one for following the letter of his doctor’s orders to remain off his feet. I slipped into the house and he immediately latched on to my lips. We groped and sucked face for a good couple of minutes before coming up for air. I insisted that he give me the official five cent tour and so he showed me the different rooms and described what his intentions were for each of them. After a meager amount of small talk we went back to groping and kissing. He was quickly unbuttoning my shirt and working on my belt and zipper. I was worming my way through his loose shorts under which he did not both with any underwear (thank you!). We both had very strong growing organs in our pants and were enjoying the feel of them in our hands.

Realizing that he was standing too much for what his doctor had ordered, he had me follow him back to his bedroom and there we shed the remainder of our clothes, crutches, and inhibitions. He has such an amazing cock - not too big, yet thick and long enough to challenge my mouth and throat. He enjoyed dining on my thick 8" rod that was easily giving his tonsils a banging or two. He’s a balls shaver so I licked to my hearts content on those smooth globes hanging so nicely from that shaft. I’m such a eager eater that I didn’t wait to ask permission, I just dove right into that ass hole that followed those low hangers and began a sweat make out session with that wonderful pucker. I love just smelling that man smell mixed with his bar soap - a detail that shows me he’s extremely attentive to a clean ass for sex. Extra points for cleaning out his fuck hole for me. My tongue darts in and out of that pliable hole and my groans are met with his sighs from the work I’m doing with my tongue and the lover for cock sucking that he’s experiencing on my dick.

His legs were covered in a soft coating of hair - not coarse but soft and his thighs and calves are taught but muscular just like him. I find out that he’s a fitness trainer and teaches rachet ball among several other entrepreneurial type employment sources. He’s just recently moved back from Florida but he’s been a Californian for many more years before his move to Florida. We have such a connection with our shared lust for cock and ass as well as our enjoyment of well defined bodies. Our bodies join together nicely for a well fit 69 suckfest and in between slurps we discover the rest of each others bodies. His chest is nicely manicured including well developed pecs and very suckable nipples. The cast presents us with a challenge every now and again, especially while I’m between his legs pushing my hard cock at the entrance to his fuck hole. I raise his legs to his chest and my cock just slides right in - no lube. Oh my god - I’ve never been able to do that before. Usually a cock of my size requires a good amount of relaxation and lube to be able to get a tight bottom to loosen up to take in the width and length. This guy is just encouraging me to go deeper and deeper into his gut, which I do. Man, I can’t believe how good this dudes shoot feels around my cock and I just want to stay in his hole for a life time.

Now we’re just basking in the glow of cock and ass - man to man sex where men can experience other men in their most basic needs. I’m pressing all of my body into this man, leaning into to him to fuck his mouth with my tongue. He’s reciprocating with a tongue that’s as equally matched to mine and our guttural moans expressing out basic need for our parallel mounting orgasms are filling the room. For the sake of a hard fuck, I pull out my bare cock and coat it with a small amount of lube before returning it to its rightful place buried in his gut. I’ve got my arms locked around his legs supporting the weight of both his legs and cast on my shoulders and arms. His hand is latched onto his cock and is so hard I can see the flicker of pre-cum oozing from his piss slit. I begin a steady pumping of my cock in and out of his ass. My cock is drilling for oil but instead of oil, I’m planning on depositing my seed. We in total sweat heaven as the summer air has stilled and the sliding glass door from his bedroom is closed for the sake of the neighbors. I’m working up a fevered pitch to my pumping and his ass is feeling so so good right now. My balls are bouncing off his ass cheeks and I can feel the cum churning in them getting read for a great explosion.

Before long we both humming our animal sounds. Here it comes, I can feel it, that man milk is making it’s way up from my balls and through my cock. Aaaarrrrrggggghhhh - oh my god, I’m filling this dudes shoot up with my seed and the orgasm is just going on and on. His hand is beating at full throttle on his rod and his own orgasm is joining my sounds of ecstacy in his bedroom. Stream after hot creamy stream of jizz is flying over his chest. His cum lands on his neck, his nipples. I swear it just about creams his mouth but falls short. Our bodies are one and together we rock that room with the vibrations of our collective voices. I collapse on top of him and our bodies mingle with his juices while we embrace and exchange tongue dances again. The sun has set and our spent bodies are resting from must shared energy. Exhausted we lay there for quite a while.

We drift in and out of lustful sleep. Caressing each others naked bodies. Tracing the outline of each others muscles, curves, arm pits. We cuddle and spoon. His flaccid cock pressing against my bare ass cheeks. His arm wraps around my waist and plays with my deflated penis. His gentle kisses on the back of my neck and fondling of my cock start another surge of sexual appetite that I thought was satisfied. He caresses my chest and my nipples. I’m in hog heave now. He’s hand is now firmly gripping my hardened rod again. He’s now jacking my cock to see whether a 47 year old youngster (remember, he’s 6 years older than me) can muster up another load of pearly white seed. His hot breath on the back of my neck together with a deliberate gentle cock stroking gets me hot. Hot enough to show him that under the best of times I can present more than one load. To his delight he’s picked up the pace of his strokes and my whole body is on fire, stretching like a cat wanting it’s belly to be rubbed. He’s pressed his tight body into the small of my back. His cock is teasing my ass hole. The entire scene has me engulfed in another whirl wind of delight as for the second time that evening I spew my seed, this time all over my belly and the bed sheets. He messages my ball sack with the cum that has oozed over his hand. I curl back into his chest and whisper to him a great big thank you. He licks the left over cum from his fingers and replies back that it was his pleasure.

Again we drift in and out of lustful sleep. Again we caress each other. My cock refuses to be done. This hard boner of mine seems to think it will be able to fuck his warm hole again. I mount him and begin pounding his ass. After a bit, we both come to realize that we’ve taken this ride to the point of being numb. Both his ass and my cock, though they may want more from this moment, will only end up over used and never as fulfilled as the previous orgasms. And though I would love to stay the night and wake to this gorgeous man in the morning to ravage his ass again and again, I must kiss him good night and head back home.

We become infrequent fuck buds but the thing about first fucks is that the next ones are never quite as fantastic as that very first meating. That time where both of us are new to one another and we haven’t explored each others bodies and the newness of feeling my cock in his ass - his ass being filled by my cock - its just not the first time any more. Oh, don’t get me wrong, I love to feel my cock in his ass as much as I can but as we become more familiar with one another, we also realize that if you were to remove the sex, we might not be as excited to be around each other as we thought. Since then, we’ve grown apart. The distance from my place in the far East Bay to his place in Hayward becomes more of trek than I wish to make for sex. He in turn is looking for a more well rounded experience. We toy with the idea of camping together, fucking under the moon light, experiencing nature a la natural. But the reality is that there are other men that are geographically closer and it would much more enjoyable to meet again when our sexual experience with one another can be again a first fuck.


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ScorpioDick3 58M

11/25/2005 10:59 pm

Thank you - in some ways I was sorry to see it end. We still chat but it has become more common now.

I have others I can post when the memory cells are alive.

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4/17/2007 1:45 am

Yes, there's nothing like that first fuck with someone new. Those first caresses, the first kisses and finding out what sounds the make. Very well written. I felt like I was there...well, maybe just watching from the side

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