SchevyDoo 41M
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7/24/2006 1:48 am usual

I just can't figure it out...or maybe I have it all figured out...I'm lonely...and I want someone to be with...but the incidental random hookups...are very empty. I know this.. but I also Know..that I'm a very erotic and sexual creature, even my everyday interactions are tinged with innuendo.
I understand that everyone NEEDS love. I understand that I'm very in need of love, but it's accepting that love when it appears that is the problem. I'm always afraid of committment and responsiblity when it comes to the personal...but not when it comes to the professional...I wanna be Loved and I wanna love somebody...But I'm too Chickenshit to jump into ...LIFE... So anybody wanna do some pro bono therapy work and help me out here....I'm dyin' ovah here.

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