Female Ejaculation, Part Three: A Tutorial, Cont'd  

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7/9/2006 11:17 am
Female Ejaculation, Part Three: A Tutorial, Cont'd

Alright everyone... I'm back. Sorry for the delay in posting - I was too busy practicing!

Again, some of the info I'm getting is from Female Ejaculation and the G-spot by Deborah Sundahl. Any direct quotes will be properly cited.

The next step is to test the strength of her PC muscles. First, it is best to find the muscles. They are located deep within her vagina. Moisten a finger with lube (or her juices if she's already hot), and insert it all the way in. The band of muscles that you'll feel on the right, left and bottom walls of the vagina are her PC muscles. If you can't find them, here's a helpful hint:

"Imagine a clock face, with the roof of the vagina at 12 and the floor of the vagina at 6. In general, at 2 and 10 o'clock, the pelvic bone is quite noticeable when your finger is two joints in. The muscles lie just beyond the bone at a three-finger joint depth. Squeeze and relax your muscles to help identify them (Female Ejaculation, 72)."

Ok... Now it's time for the Muscle Strength Test. To test the strength of her PC muscles, she needs to measure the width of her muscles by using the width of your fingers. Before she does that, she should explore her muscles a little bit - massage them, feel them as they relax and contract, run your fingers along them - that kind of stuff.

"Now, measure the width of the band of muscles. Is it as thin as a pencil, or as thick as three fingers, or somewhere in between? Score your answer below:

Strength Score:
One finger width: weak (Score 1).
Three finger widths: normal (Score 3).
Two finger widths: tense (Score 5).

Add the muscle Flexibility Test score [see previous post] and the Muscle Strength Test score together.

Overall Score: 2-3: Weak. 6: Normal. 9-10: Tense.
(Female Ejaculation, page 72)"

If she scored normal, she's well-prepared for ejaculation. Tense PC muscles can still facilitate ejaculation, but it is best to try to relax them until they're not-so-tense [more on that in the next post]. If her PC muscels are weak, it would be best to build up more strength to help facilitate ejaculation [more on that in the next post].

That's it for now... I'm going to post another update after this one.

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