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1/17/2006 11:31 am

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workout fantasy

I am in the workout room on the Elliptical as you come in. I nod and smile to greet you as I am lost in the music and too out of breath to talk properly.

You get on the treadmill and start jogging.

My intense warmup is over, time to lift. This is the part I love, the part I love even more if you are there watching me. I lift heavier, better when you are there. Today is leg day for me, even better as my legs are so strong, I get to show you what I am made of. I start out with some simple bodyweight squats, doing them nice and slowly to burn the muscle and to make sure you are watching. Lunge time, with a glute kick of course so you have no choice but to look at my ass as I perform them for you.

Your warmup is over. Back and biceps for you - nice, I love it when you do back! Lat pulls to start, they show your build so nicely. Nicely muscular but not bulky. Perfect to have my hands run over and massage you. As you do them I stand behind you, helping your form, pushing slightly on your back so it arches properly, putting my hands up to let you know how high you should let the bar come before pulling it down again. Touching your body has put a special fire in your eyes, can it be that me touching you while working out has had an impact on you?

Leg extensions and curls for me now. Each time I catch your eyes you see the fire in mine, knowing that lifting not only works my body but also makes me ragingly horny when you are there with me. I have no shame about the fact that when I lift heavy I can let out a grunt every now and then.

Abs and then the sweet feeling of stretching. Yes I see you watching me as I am able to pull my body into positions that should realy be saved for home and not in the middle of the gym where just anyone can see. I glance down and notice that you are a bit aroused and that with each curl it is not just your bicep that is getting more pumped up. You know that I have seen and this brings you to full mast to which my reaction is a hungry smile and knowing look in my eyes. Your turn to stretch. I love watching your body after lifting, all engorged with blood, nice and pumped up.

In your eyes there is a question, here and now? I gently nod my head and eyes letting you know that here and now is exactly what I want. You take my hand and lead me to the corner so that nobody can see us as they walk past the big window. Standing behind me you let your hands run up the sides of my arms, down my back, across my ass and around to my stomach pulling me into you so that I can feel how aroused you are. Turning to kiss you as you start to slowly peel off my shorts with one hand as they other plays lightly across my nipple. Your hands feel so amazing as they run over my thighs. You now know that I moan the same when lifting as I do when being pleasured. Reaching behind me I rub my hand along your shorts, feeling the present that I am about to receive. I hungrily take your shorts off, after all I like to enjoy the gifts that I receive. In one motion I bend over the leg curl machine as you slide into me, both of us moaning our approval. Very slowly at first you slide in and out of me, letting me feel every bit of you fill me up. I can't take it anymore I have to have you harder and faster NOW. Thrusting my hips back to you, you have no choice but to match me stroke for stroke. With your body draped over mine, one arm around my waist pulling me to you and the other around my chest teasing my nipples, we move in perfect rhythm towards climax. Your body starts to quiver behind me, your moans become deeper. It is almost unbearable. Until finally with a shuddering thrust you grab me as tightly by the hips as our sweaty bodies allow and empty yourself into me. As our breathing becomes normal again, we pull our shorts back up, one long last kiss before you finally speak to me....

rm_BigGuy75862 51M

1/17/2006 10:12 pm

That was vey hot and sexy. I wish I could live that fantasy with you but I could not wait until the next chapter where I took you home.

On the way, riding in my open top jeep, the wind whipped through your hair and the sun glistened on your face and body. You are showing allot of cleavage and they are still glowing from your work out, with me. You notice that I am ready for you again and you slide you had across my leg and feel the heat of my passion. We arrive at home and I carry you in to the house and up to the bedroom. We tear each others close off and jump into the shower where we lather each other with soap and then pulled are bodies close. I am so hard you can feel my heart beat. We look longingly into each others eyes and don’t say a word. We have no need for words. Slowly I work down your body as you start to lean back against the shower wall. I make several stops along the way but it’s the final destination that you anticipate. You let out a long sigh as I give you what you have been waiting for. Your body starts to shudder and then you let out a long cry. As I work my way back up you can feel my arousal moving up the inside of your leg and gentle penetrating you. You shudder again and then cry out for more. Are rhythm is slow and are hearts beat fast. We become to week to stand. I carry you off to the bed…

rm_sharksnsails 45M
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1/20/2006 8:34 am

Very sexy, both the post and the response.
(gee I just called another man's post sexy, I sure hope that doesnt make me gay!)

lol sharks

onearmpullupdude 48M  
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5/16/2006 10:26 pm

an enticing fantasy

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